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Ebbtide Eats: Weekend Brunch at Saltoro

Nova Clark June 15, 2019

Saltoro, a popular seafood and landfood staple on the outskirts of the Broadview neighborhood, has recently opened its doors for weekend bunch from 9 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Since 2003, the restaurant has served...

Ebbtide Eats: Shake N Go

Ebbtide Eats: Shake ‘N Go

Nova Clark June 1, 2019

Just down the road of SCC is an old-fashioned American diner with lots of charm. Shake N Go’s menu evokes classic American dining. Photo credit: Nova Clark Situated in the chain of businesses...

Ebbtide Eats: Cafes in Shoreline

Ebbtide Eats: Cafes in Shoreline

Natasha Sidik March 16, 2019

The smell of fresh grounds is a well-loved scent in the city of Seattle, where coffee shops seem to hide in every corner. Compared to the bustling Greater Seattle area, Shoreline’s cafe scene may...

Snowpocalypse: AN ICY RECAP

Tobias Hope-Young March 4, 2019

The first time was a novelty, the second time was a curiosity and the third time was an inconvenience. It seemed as if the “school closure due to snow” had gone from being an irregularity to the...

Melts in Your Mouth

Melts in Your Mouth

Forrest Baum February 20, 2019

BEST CHOCOLATE TO WOO YOUR SWEETIE You’re on campus and have a sudden craving for chocolate. Or, you realize you didn’t get your partner or friend a post-Valentine’s Day gift and you’re hustling...

Romantic Washington Getaways

Nova Clark February 20, 2019

ADD SPICE TO YOUR DAY LESS THAN TWO HOURS AWAY The season of love doesn’t end on Feb. 14 — at these romantic spots, you and your significant other can turn any day into Valentine’s Day. Snoqualmie...

New Transport Options for Phins

Natasha Sidik January 19, 2019

COMMUNITY VANS IN SHORELINE Students who rely on public transportation now have the option of using Community Vans. King County Metro, who operates the public buses at SCC (Routes 5, 345, 331, 330),...

To Vote or Not to Vote?

To Vote or Not to Vote?

Natasha Sidik November 4, 2018

YOU WILL DECIDE THE RESULTS OF THE MIDTERM ELECTIONS Blue and red signs popping up on every corner makes voting season hard to miss. America’s current political climate is divided by controversial...

Competing viewpoints on Shoreline Proposition 1. PHOTO BY: Forrest Baum

Taking the Initiative

Forrest Baum November 4, 2018

HOW WILL YOU VOTE ON LOCAL ISSUES? In Washington state, voters have the opportunity to affect our policies on greenhouse gases, firearm safety protections and law enforcement standards on deadly force...

The Secret Campus

The Secret Campus

Shari Sung October 20, 2018

SCC'S HIDDEN CORNERS SCC’s secluded campus has a number of hidden nooks and crannies just waiting to be explored by wandering students. Think you know a lot about the campus? There are a number...

Planning for Expansion

June 8, 2018

THE FUTURE LOOK OF SHORELINE Shoreline is growing, and that means the city is going to change. Dan Eernissee, the economic development program manager for the Shoreline City Council, recently came to...

An unauthorized bike trail is damaging SCCs restoration area.

Vandals in the Forest

June 8, 2018

RESTORATION AND DESTRUCTION IN SCC’S “FOREST LABORATORY” For several years, there has been an unauthorized bike trail in SCC’s restoration area, located behind the soccer field. About 20...

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