The Secret Campus


Shari Sung


SCC’s secluded campus has a number of hidden nooks and crannies just waiting to be explored by wandering students. Think you know a lot about the campus? There are a number of on-campus spots that students may have never noticed throughout their time on campus

Greenhouse and the Pond

Behind the 2600 Building, there lies an unexpected pond — and it’s not there just for aesthetics. The pond is used to dispose of elodea, an invasive species of weed which is frequently used in botany and horticulture classes, which can’t be disposed of in the sewer system.

Even if you’re not a biology student, the pond may still be an interesting spectacle to take a look at.

Beside the pond, there’s a greenhouse that contains flowers like orchids and bromeliads, and it’s warmer than the chilly fall air.

The Zero Energy House

The Zero Energy House (ZEH) serves as one of the Clean Energy Department’s most important properties. The ZEH was designed and built by the students of Washington State University Architecture and Engineering for an international competition held by the U.S. Department of Energy.

The ZEH features multiple solar photovoltaic arrays (the smaller parts of a solar panel that converts sunlight into electricity), computerized energy monitoring and a 3000-gallon rainwater catchment system, all of which are used to support the Clean Energy Technology department on campus.

Dog Park

If you have a dog or want to see mutts frolicking, the dog park beside SCC is a place you definitely don’t want to miss. Originally a parking lot, the park was requisitioned by the government of Shoreline and transformed into canine paradise. Along with having abundant space for dogs to run around and play, there are a lot of woods adjacent to the park which allow for nice exploring opportunities.


Outdoor Amphitheatre

Covered by tall trees and overgrown with weeds and plants, the outdoor amphitheater remains one of the most “mysterious” spots at SCC.

It is located between the music building and the PUB and was originally designed to hold outdoor concerts and activities. However, due to the difficulty of maintaining the wooden benches and stage, the Amphitheatre was gradually abandoned and is now covered in blackberry bushes.

Administration Building and Art Gallery

When students have scholarship related problems, they can reach out to the scholarship office located in the Administration building for help. What students may not know about is the SCC student art gallery in the center of the Administrative lobby.

This year, there will be one show per quarter with the addition of the annual student art gallery in spring quarter.

PHOTOS BY: Nick Molsee