Melts in Your Mouth


Forrest Baum


You’re on campus and have a sudden craving for chocolate. Or, you realize you didn’t get your partner or friend a post-Valentine’s Day gift and you’re hustling to find something sweet for your sweetie.

SCC’s store in the first floor of the PUB does offer chocolate, but frankly, it’s uninspiring. Here are some options to take your chocolate game up a notch.

Theo Chocolate

Locally made in Fremont, this is where you can go on a tour and taste their delicacies. They have a number of choices: raspberry, cherry and orange, which are delicious. Definitely try out the salted caramel. Theo also offers classes, and what could be more romantic than helping someone you love stir up the sticky stuff?

Trader Joe’s

Potentially the best bang for the buck, Trader Joe’s offers chocolate bars by the pound, available in milk, almond and dark. But if you want real quality for a fair price you may want to choose something fancier.

Bakery Nouveau

This bakery is an up-and-coming Seattle (and Burien) favorite, and a fancy one at that. It offers a number of romantic and comforting treats, from chocolate-filled croissants to lemon meringue tarts. The company even offers custom cake orders, which must be placed two days in advance. Bakery Nouveau is the closest to true French pastries in Seattle: what better gift for your sweetheart than a sweet, high-end treat?

Central Market

This shop carries quite the collection of fancy items, and their chocolate is no exception. If you want to impress with your thoughtful choice of fair-trade, organic sustainable chocolate, look no further. Downside: fancy prices, too.


Safeway offers the endangered species chocolates; and they do not contain turtles and tigers, as that would be crude. These brands support the habitats of endangered species by allowing chocolate farmers to harvest while preserving wildlife habitats.