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ESPN Seahawks writer, Brady Henderson, talking to a student.

ESPN Writer, Brady Henderson, Visits SCC

Tristen Hanby, Staff Writer May 17, 2024

Shoreline Community College was honored to host Brady Henderson, the Seattle Seahawks writer for ESPN to campus. Henderson was invited to speak about his career and recount how he became the sole ESPN...

Shoreline Community College DECA, Regional Conference 2024

“I’m not just doing something for school, I’m doing something for my life.”

Cheryl Amelia, A&E Editor May 17, 2024

SCC students entered a room illuminated with dark blue hues. Flowing along its aisles was the pipeline of suited college students, dressed up in something more than pajama pants and— looking for their...

Exterior view of the Microsoft office.

A Look Around the Microsoft Office

Adrien Koe, Staff Writer May 17, 2024

The Computer Science Club hosted a tour of the Microsoft office that is located in Redmond on Friday May 10th. Luckily enough, Microsoft’s headquarters is located in Washington as well, around 20 minutes...

Jay Inslee, his and SCC staffs, visiting the Cedar Building.

Blood, Sweat, and Tears: The Path to the Symposium

Naomi Suver, Staff Writer May 17, 2024

Power vacuums in Afghanistan. Futurist and inventor Buckminster Fuller. Ethics of AI. These are all topics that students studied in a yearlong research track through SCC’s Honors College. Allowed...

Sgt. Cranson displays the label and attached key that saved the college thousands of dollars, and might one day save lives.

Keeping Campus Safe and Secure with Sgt. Cranson

Johanna Wilder, Co-editor May 17, 2024

Pick any time—day or night, rain or shine—and walk through campus. Your safety will be assured by what appear to be police officers, dressed in their midnight blue and high-visibility green uniforms...

An edited collage photo of Richard Gadd and real-life Martha Scott, Fiona Harvey.

Team Gadd or Harvey?

Kelly Wijaya, Co-editor May 17, 2024

Lo and behold, a comedy drama-thriller show that has made its way up to Netflix’s Top No. 3 TV shows — a limited series entitled “Baby Reindeer.” A riveting tale that was inspired by the show’s...

Inside of the new Cedar Building.

The Grand Opening of the Cheddar… I mean CEDAR Building

Nicholas Hauw, Staff Writer May 17, 2024

Here we are with the first major change to the campus layout of the year. The Cedar Building is the new three-story building added to SCC’s roster of buildings and facilities. This new building dwarves...

Michael Boehm at the Workforce Education.

The Workforce Education, Is It Working?

Nicholas Hauw, Staff Writer May 3, 2024

The Workforce Education has been a part of Shoreline since the early 90s helping students, old and new alike. There are plenty of things that the Workforce Education can help students with — depending...

Anna Artamonova, SCC nursing student, showing her Starbucks stainless steel cup while waiting for your friends at the PUB building.

Tumbler Takeover: From Hydration Hub to Campus Essential

Emily Wijaya & Gabriela Quito, Staff writer May 3, 2024

If you’re like most students at SCC, you’re probably drinking from a tumbler right now. These insulated, reusable beverage containers are everywhere and the campus is no exception. SCC student Danny...

Shoreline Boxing Club members practicing boxing and self defense.

Knocking Out Expectations

Kelly Wijaya, Co-editor April 19, 2024

A new quarter has just started, and that calls for brand new activities. After a handful of sports clubs, SCC finally reveals a club for all the combat and martial art lovers. Since the beginning of the...

volunteers interacting with the prison students

Unlocking Untapped Human Potential

Nathan Hauw, Staff Writer April 19, 2024

Mistakes aren’t an uncommon practice; everyone makes mistakes in their lives ever so often. However, if these mistakes escalate to serious offenses, they are considered crimes, which leads to serving...

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