Ebbtide Eats: Shake ‘N Go


Nova Clark

Just down the road of SCC is an old-fashioned American diner with lots of charm.

Shake N Go’s menu evokes classic American dining. Photo credit: Nova Clark

Situated in the chain of businesses neighboring Central Market is Shake ‘N Go, a restaurant whose sign is denoted with “gourmet burgers and wraps.”

The restaurant, which has been in operation going on 10 years, is a convenient 11-minute walk (or two-minute drive) from SCC.


Upon entering Shake ‘N Go, you may be greeted by Nan, a friendly personality at the order counter who doubles as the owner of this location.

Along with books on shelves for customers to read, the walls are adorned with instruments and music imagery ranging from the days of ‘60s soul to classic rock.

And that’s not all: The restaurant is home to performances by a ukulele group on Friday nights along with monthly open mics.

Although three other locations of Shake ‘N Go exist north of Shoreline, there’s no denying that this one has a unique, homegrown flair.


Both the service and hospitality was wonderful. Although some items arrived at a slightly staggered rate, it was clear that the food was brought to the table with care and in as timely a manner as possible.


Naturally, Shake ’N Go excels in their burgers. The cheeseburger was chock full of the usual toppings: cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, red onions and a house sauce. The fries, which are served with every burger, were a satisfying addition.

The “shake” in Shake ‘N Go’s name certainly lives up to its potential, as their extensive milkshake menu features flavors ranging from mint to peanut butter. The chocolate malt was delightfully thick, with swirls of chocolate sauce visible up and down the edges of the clear, plastic cup for good measure.

A number of side dishes were offered, with the onion rings being a standout choice. They were piping hot — in a good way. Crisp, thin batter gave way to wide rings of all shapes and sizes.

With varieties of wraps spanning two menu boards, the “Thai Chicken” listing caught my eye, consisting of lettuce, tomato, red onion, peanut sauce and of course, chicken, in a large flour tortilla.

The sauce, however, felt more like a thin, peanut sauce-inspired dressing — and when compared to the “Thai Chicken” option from World Wrapps (now defunct in Washington), my expectations were left too high.

But perhaps this was its intention: to act as more of a self-contained salad. Wrap lovers may enjoy this healthier choice, which is served in two halves wrapped neatly in paper, making for a tidy presentation.

Tip: Steer clear of the fish ‘n chips. Unlike the onion rings, their batter-heavy casing evoked doughy cornbread. When ordering your meal, stick to what they deal in best: burgers, shakes, fries and sides.


Cheeseburger (including fries): $10.49

Chocolate Malt: $4.59

Onion Rings: $6.99

Thai Chicken Wrap: $9.99

The prices were slightly high, which is understandable considering the costs that must be met at any small business. If you limit your order to just a couple of items for individual dining, however, you will receive a good portion of quality food.

The Verdict

At Shake ‘N Go, all of the main marks are hit. With summer on its way, keep this burger joint on your local list.

Shake ‘N Go is located at 15819 Westminster Way North. It’s a 15 minute walk from the campus and if you have a car, only three minutes.