New Transport Options for Phins

Natasha Sidik


Students who rely on public transportation now have the option of using Community Vans. King County Metro, who operates the public buses at SCC (Routes 5, 345, 331, 330), has a rideshare program developed in coordination with Hopelink, a local non-profit organization.

This program is catered for Shoreline residents with needs that fall outside of what the public buses can offer them. In Shoreline specifically, this rideshare program offers routes in the direction of Lake Forest Park. This route has been chosen due to the early cut-off hour of Bus 331, which stops operating at 7 p.m.

Under Hopelink, this program also offers volunteer opportunities to participate as drivers of these Community Vans.

Pricing: $2.75 for one adult’s round-trip, with the same paying options for public buses: ORCA cards or the Transit Go App.

How to use: Schedules are customized depending on your needs. To ask for which times work for you, contact [email protected]or call 425-943-6721.