The Ebbtide

Vandals in the Forest

An unauthorized bike trail is damaging SCC's restoration area.

June 8, 2018

RESTORATION AND DESTRUCTION IN SCC’S “FOREST LABORATORY” For several years, there has been an unauthorized bike trail in SCC’s restoration area, located behind the soccer field. About 20 years ago, SCC biology instructor Matthew Loper said he was approached by an organization called Mid-Sound Fishe...

Ain’t no Sunshine When It’s Gone

Ain't no Sunshine When It's Gone

June 8, 2018

SUNFEST RETURNS If you have been deep in your studies, you may not have known that every year, spring quarter at SCC is home to the almost-end-of-year celebration known as SunFest. This year’s SunFest featured three days of festivities and activities, like the Amazing Race, Gameday, musical performances a...

The Sea and the Sword

June 2, 2018

When imagining a college mascot, eagles, tigers or lions usually come to mind. They are the most common mascots used by schools in the U.S. because they are often seen as intimidating and ferocious. Then why a dolphin for SCC? What if I told you our team was actually known as the Shoreline Samurai fr...

Leave a Legacy

Chelsea Snyder, Photo Courtesy of Cindy Snyder

May 22, 2018

REMEMBERING CHELSEA SNYDER “And I thought I’d let you know what a hugely positive influence you were on me.” “I am knee-deep in three different Google Docs right now that I’ve made. You made me such a better student just by being around. I really appreciate it.” These messages were sen...

A Fresh Look

Professor Mimi Harvey in her o ice which she's decorated with art from her travels around the world.

May 7, 2018

SCC'S MIMI HARVEY If you saw Professor Mimi Harvey as a child in the prairies of Nebraska, rounding up the neighborhood kids and pretending to teach, you might have expected her to become the teacher she is today.   What you wouldn’t expect is the story that got her here. Growing up in a family that ...

Standing in Solidarity

Standing in Solidarity

Azia Kelikoa’elakauaikekai Jaelyn Lualhati

April 21, 2018

TWENTY-EIGHTH ANNUAL STUDENT OF COLOR CONFERENCE Students of color come together every year to learn how to battle the racism and discrimination that continues to exist in America today at the Students of Color Conference. The 28th Annual Students of Color Conference (SOCC) kicked off on April ...

Making Home Away From Home

April 21, 2018

SECRET SUCCESSES OF THE INTERNATIONAL PEER MENTORS Go ask an international student if they know what the International Peer Mentors (IPMs) are and almost 100 percent of them would certainly answer “yes.” In fact, IPMs are the first recognizable students to every international student when t...

What to Do with Downtime

April 20, 2018

SPORTS, MUSIC AND CULTURE If you’re looking to learn a new skill or to become a part of a community that shares your interests, joining one of the many clubs at SCC may be the place to start. Individual club focuses span from hiking to fencing, ukuleles to culture, and now even dance an...

Start Your Engines

Checking the fluids is always important.

April 20, 2018

AUTO TECH PROGRAM STANDS OUT Many SCC students have never been to the far northwest corner of SCC, where a cornucopia of cars marks the site of the automotive department. This is where students receive training in state-of-the-art technology and where they are matched into paid internships, ultimately...

Sharing Her Silent World

Jodene Anicello reminisces about her life.

April 20, 2018

INSTRUCTOR TEACHES FROM EXPERIENCE It was an exhausting start of the day for everyone on campus, given that it was an early morning on the second-to-last day of instruction before finals. But in one of the rooms in the 1800 Building, students were not leaning on fists or falling asleep. Ins...

Dating Across Cultures

March 20, 2018

THE COMMUNICATION STRUGGLE IS REAL A while back, one of my American friends texted me on Messenger and said, “Seriously, I really like you.” I was puzzled and thought, “Does he mean he likes my personality or likes me romantically?” I even Googled what it means when a guy says he likes...

Best of Both Worlds

Best of Both Worlds

March 20, 2018

4.0 ATHLETE'S SECRET TO SUCCESS Upon opening the door to the gym, you’ll find three pictures hanging on the wall to represent SCC’s student athletes with the highest individual GPAs. Qin “Kim” Wang, is one of these athletes. Wang is an international student at SCC, and she is one o...

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