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Ebbtide Eats: Weekend Brunch at Saltoro

Nova Clark June 15, 2019

Saltoro, a popular seafood and landfood staple on the outskirts of the Broadview neighborhood, has recently opened its doors for weekend bunch from 9 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Since 2003, the restaurant has served...

Pour Some Sugar On Me

A SWEETER ALTERNATIVE TO WAXING Shaving is one of the worst things someone can do to their body. So, an alternative was found: waxing. Yes, traditional razor shaves are quick and affordable. However,...

Energy Drinks: A Taste Test

June 1, 2019

THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE NASTY A blind taste test of seven popular energy drinks was conducted by the Ebbtide staff for… science. The results were a mixed bag of opinions — though some options...

Ebbtide Eats: Shake N Go

Ebbtide Eats: Shake ‘N Go

Nova Clark June 1, 2019

Just down the road of SCC is an old-fashioned American diner with lots of charm. Shake N Go’s menu evokes classic American dining. Photo credit: Nova Clark Situated in the chain of businesses...

Making More Use of Consumables

Elizabeth Joyce March 16, 2019

We all know about recycling, but what about the other R’s: reduce and reuse? Reducing and reusing items cuts down on consumerism and keeps even more items out of the landfill. Consider these ways to...

Ebbtide Eats: Cafes in Shoreline

Ebbtide Eats: Cafes in Shoreline

Natasha Sidik March 16, 2019

The smell of fresh grounds is a well-loved scent in the city of Seattle, where coffee shops seem to hide in every corner. Compared to the bustling Greater Seattle area, Shoreline’s cafe scene may...

Northern Exposure

Northern Exposure

Shari Sung March 16, 2019

A TWO-DAY VANCOUVER GETAWAY As an international student, I remember how surprised I was when I discovered that it only takes three hours to drive from Seattle to Canada. I soon ventured to Vancouver,...


Ed Strong March 4, 2019

The inability of Seattleites to deal with the recent adverse weather will go down in history at your local grocery store. The one day of mostly clear roads — between the first winter storm and the...

Winter Safety Tips

Elizabeth Joyce February 20, 2019

We all have to travel in these cold winter conditions. Keep the following things in mind to help you stay warm and comfortable out there: Step carefully: Tread carefully in the ice and snow. It’s...

Harrass (Not) Meant

Travis Tribble February 20, 2019

THE BLURRED LINE BETWEEN FLIRTING AND HURTING Some pitfalls to flirting can come from knowing the line between charming and creepy. Cupid's arrow claimed many hearts this Valentine’s Day and romance...

Melts in Your Mouth

Melts in Your Mouth

Forrest Baum February 20, 2019

BEST CHOCOLATE TO WOO YOUR SWEETIE You’re on campus and have a sudden craving for chocolate. Or, you realize you didn’t get your partner or friend a post-Valentine’s Day gift and you’re hustling...

When the Going Gets Tough, Get Going

LEAVE THAT TOXIC RELATIONSHIP BEHIND Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but toxic relationships can exist in any month, on any day and at any time. You may find yourself in one without even realizing...

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