Winter Safety Tips

Elizabeth Joyce

We all have to travel in these cold winter conditions. Keep the following things in mind to help you stay warm and comfortable out there:

Step carefully: Tread carefully in the ice and snow. It’s easy to slip, so watch where you walk and avoid icy, steep sidewalks and stairs.

Keep moving: While waiting for the bus or standing outside, keep moving to stay warm; try doing a couple jumping jacks, lunges or stretches in a non-icy area.

Layer up: Wearing layers will keep you prepared for all weather possibilities. Avoid cotton as it takes too long to dry if it gets wet and wear a wool or wool-blend base layer and socks. Also helpful (if you can get them) are a waterproof coat with a hood, lined hat, waterproof gloves and leather or waterproof shoes or boots.

Hydrate yourself: Make sure to drink at least the recommended eight 8oz glasses of water per day. The drier weather and physical activity can cause dehydration faster than in other seasons. Use lotions and lip balms to keep your skin moisturized too — coconut oil works great!

Be prepared: Pack an extra pair of socks and gloves in case yours get soaked through. Toss some snacks in your bag or car to ward off hunger if you get stuck on the road and always carry water with you. Having a flashlight could be useful as well.