Braille in the mail

By Cendri Johnson FE_Braille_Cendri This is a picture of the orange envelope that showed up in the delivery box of the Ebbtide about two weeks ago. As you can see, it was a rather odd method of addressing and mailing […]

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May The Rice Be With You

By Martin Musialczyk Illustration by Coral Nafziger As the Ebbtide staff debated on where to get some good Chinese food for a staff dinner, Din Tai Fung was quickly dismissed, deemed too expensive for the college-minded budget. Royal Unicorn was […]

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Transfer shock 2016

By Adelia Sindunata Five SCC alumni sat as panelists—four from University of Washington and one from San Jose State University (SJSU)— on May 27 in the Quiet Dining Room to answer students’ questions about life after transferring. According to Cynthia […]

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