The Ebbtide Bids Farewell to Departing Staff

Nova Clark, Editor-In-Chief

The Ebbtide wishes to acknowledge the work and achievements of three of its departing staff members.

News Editor Juan Paez, Business Manager Willow Strey and Arts and Entertainment Editor Zoe Plattner will be leaving at the end of spring quarter.

Strey debuted and wrote the science column “In the Know.”

“Working with The Ebbtide gave me the opportunity to explore a field that is not in my future career plans, and was thus a fascinating experience,” she said.

“I had never worked in an office setting before, and really enjoyed simply being in a new environment.”

Strey, who had never worked in an office setting before, enjoyed the new environment.

“Staff were friendly, encouraging, and thoroughly dedicated to both The Ebbtide and their ideals as journalists.”

Strey says that the most valuable skill she gained was learning how to approach others in a business setting.

“I was expected to bring our paper to the client, which is quite different from barista work where the client comes to you.”

After The Ebbtide, Strey will be transferring to UCSD to pursue a degree in physics.

Hailing from Ecuador, Paez’ time on The Ebbtide staff eventually amounted to what he calls a “wonderful experience.”

“After my first quarter I began feeling a lot more comfortable with my coworkers as well, and it’s been a blast ever since,” he says. “I have lived here for two years and I still don’t have many friends, so the Ebbtide provided me with a sense of community that I was missing.”

Along with the “ethical know-how” of journalism, Paez values the teamwork and humbling nature that comes with getting one’s work edited over and over again — a feature which he says “transcends any job.”

“Editing your coworkers’ pieces is also a very useful exercise in honesty and being up front.”

After The Ebbitde, Paez hopes to pursue a writing career.