Word on the street: What would you do to make campus greener?

By Aaron Berry & Aaron Meliza

What would you do to make campus greener?

Leo Cheng

“Give students a free green t­-shirt.”
–Leo Cheng

Quang Ngo

“I would stop farting… because that produces greenhouse gasses. You know.”
–Quang Ngo

Amber Peppan

“Since it looks like they’re doing a remodel, now would be the time to get new furniture… if not
recycled, then low­ waste.”
–Amber Peppan

Ahmed Alsaif

“It is eco­-friendly already, actually. With all the trees around.”
–Ahmed Alsaif

Sarina Gressley

“Hmm… I haven’t been around campus long enough to really know what the problems are. But I
would start with the paper towels in the bathrooms and, like, put in hand dryers. That’s probably
the best thing I would do.”
–Sarina Gressley