Letter From The Editor – Oct. 11, 2019

Welcome back, Phins! The Ebbtide is back and we’re ready for another school year. Say hello to long nights in the library and early morning coffee runs.

The shift from summer to fall was abrupt, reminding us that our long, unstructured days have now transitioned into something more rigid and regimented.

If you’re new to these parts, you could be wondering: Who are we? The Ebbtide is SCC’s award-winning newspaper that’s led by the students, for the students.

The Ebbtide has faced a number of challenges in the past year: late-night production nights, a Snowpocalypse, one or two later-than-usual deliveries and a chaotic change in advisers. But, we relished every opportunity.

Last year, we won second place in the “General Excellence” category in the annual Pacific Northwest Association of Journalists (PNAJE) contest — the top award a student newspaper in this area can receive. It illustrates our teamwork and dedication to the truth.

We’ve garnered a unique staff list, ranging from first-quarter journalists to international students with a passion to learn to editors and reporters who have been with us for years.

One of the most important additions to the team has been Vanessa McVay, the Ebbtide’s new adviser after 14 years of a single person at the helm. A retired journalist and current SCC professor, McVay was introduced to us in December 2018 and picked up the reins where her predecessor left off.

Since then, McVay has been forthcoming with her students and aims to help us modernize The Ebbtide even further, encouraging a podcast, expanded use of social media outlets and changes to the paper’s layout. Overall, she’s kicking ass.

You may not know us yet, but you will. You’ll see us walking around campus from time to time; we’re always ready to find the next story and bring truthful coverage that students, faculty and staff can rely on.

We always strive for honesty and in a world that’s changing everyday. It’s important to know what’s going on around you, especially in a college campus that is supposed to function as a community to help us all achieve our dreams.

As the weather changes, so will The Ebbtide — and who runs it. I will be stepping down from my tenure as Editor-in-Chief at the end of fall quarter. It’s been an incredible year with equally incredible people and this experience will stay with me throughout the rest of my career in journalism.

Although I don’t know exactly what’s going to come next, I know The Ebbtide will continue to flourish and focus on the most important aspect of our camps: you.

Hell yeah, to another freakin’ quarter.


Azia Kelikoa’elakauaikekai Jaelyn Lualhati