5 Comforting Websites To Relieve Study Woes

Natasha Sidik


With finals week descending upon us, relaxing might not be the priority you’re focused on. But as much as you want to spend the hours grinding away on cramming notes and lecture materials for the big exam, it’s also just as essential to take breaks.

Between scrolling back and forth through Canvas and those PowerPoint slideshows, take a deep breath once in a while and take a few minutes off to visit these fun, relaxing, feel-good websites. They’re sure to put a smile on your face one way or another.

1. The Secret Door – http://ww3.safestyle-windows.co.uk/the-secret-door/

Reminiscent of childhood storybooks, here’s an enchanted corner of the interwebs where you’ll be swept away to a peculiar, genuine location somewhere across the globe. You’ll never know where the door will take you, but wherever you go, please take the time to explore as much as you can as the chiming music continues. Curiosity will not kill any cat, in this case.

2. Endearing Mini Games – http://www.ferryhalim.com/orisinal/

Cute pastel-colored flash games filled with animals and fun little objects will illustrate your screen with this site. With many adorable options to choose from, they’re a great distraction from the words and numbers you’ve been studying for hours now. Enjoy them, but don’t get too carried away. Remember you’ve still got those finals coming.

3. A Puppy a Day Keeps the Stress Away – http://www.dailypuppy.com/

Coming from a dog lover, looking at puppies will inevitably make me grin. They’re called man’s best friend for a reason, right? But for those who prefer your feline companions, you can go here instead: http://dailykitten.com/.

4. Explore the Stars – http://stars.chromeexperiments.com/

Dive deep into the mysterious realms of space at this site. The endless wave of stars will fill up your screen as you take a tour through the Milky Way and beyond. Besides helping you unwind, hey, you never know if all those star names will come in handy in a future astronomy class.

5. A Little Pick-Me-Up for the Weary – http://emergencycompliment.com/

An ego-boost while preparing for the exams can never go wrong, especially when the compliments are highly distinctive and entertaining. I get it, it’s the most nerve-wracking time of the quarter. The people who made this website seem to agree.