Music Speaks Louder Than Words

SCC PIANIST PURSUES HIS PASSION The path to success comes with many small victories. This has proved true for SCC pianist Yuly Kopkin, whose musical journey has been significantly different than that of the average faculty member. Kopkin was born in Yekaterinburg, Russia — the country’s fourth largest city. “Music education occupies a very strong…


Music: The Greatest Escape

SCC STUDENT FINDS THAT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT Summer is coming and there will be an abundance of new bands to go see, including SCC student Em Heffernan’s project Nessy. On April 20, Nessy opened a house show with a combination of eight-bit digital pop and jazzy rock. Heffernan’s vocals were clean and at times operatic…


Don’t Sleep On “ZZ”

POSITION CHANGE HELPS PLAYER TAKE CENTER STAGE Zane Zurbrugg has all of the tools that make baseball scouts salivate. He’s tall, with a quick, compact swing, a powerful arm and record-breaking speed. Three years ago, he barely made a blip on anyone’s radar. Recruitment “I wasn’t even recruited coming out of high school,” Zurbrugg said….


Highly Rated

SCC ALUMNUS RETURNS THE GIFT OF WRITING Michael Overa never wanted to teach. He grew up in a middle-class Seattle family with both parents working full time. This allowed him plenty of time to enjoy his books undisturbed. He describes his younger self as nerdy and introverted, traits that kept him out of trouble in…


SCC’s Short Story Winner

ASPIRING SCREENWRITER GETS IN TUNE WITH HIS PAST What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “Crossing Borders?” That was what SCC’s recent short story contest asked the campus to write about, and according to the judges, author Duncan Star-Boszko had the answer. The contest was announced mid-November in the spirit of National Novel…


Au Revoir, Advisor

I failed Professor Patti Jones’ Introduction to Mass Media in my first quarter at SCC. I failed miserably, and Jones saw it coming from a mile away. My first official journalism teacher knew I was taking 23 credits, juggling jobs and becoming accustomed as the Arts and Entertainment (A&E) Editor for the Ebbtide in fall…


The Highs and Lows of Hiking

TALES FROM THE TRAILS When SCC Hiking Club President Angela Li went hiking alone in Issaquah’s Tiger Mountains, she didn’t expect to run into a family of bears. Li had been walking along the trail when she paused to take in the lush, woody atmosphere. Time stopped for a second, and the noise of everyday…

The Killshot

SCC VOLLEYBALL STAR LOOMS LARGE The Phins go through their postgame handshake line after notching a key upset win over #8 Bellevue. Nearly every player starts screaming. Seemingly oblivious to the gravity of the moment, Kammi Perkins just smiles and calmly high-fives her teammates. The soft-spoken freshman garners as little attention as is possible —…


SCC’s Very Own Rocket Man

FROM VIETNAM TO WASHINGTON. NEXT STOP, SPACE. Harry Phan wants to build a spaceship for interstellar colonization. He says he’s not at the construction phase yet, but he’s making progress, taking classes to become an astronautical engineer. It’s a difficult task, but he seems optimistic about his chances. Phan is an aspiring rocket scientist and…


From Libya to Liberation

BRAVE GIRL IN THE MIDST OF CIVIL WAR As a Muslim girl, Yara Buker has only worn a hijab once in her life: when she was under threat of being killed. Buker grew up in Benghazi, Libya, for 19 years, and was raised to be a very family-minded individual. At the age of 17, she…

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