Pop Pop Thai Street Food

I am a type of person who always spends my Friday afternoons at Thai restaurants, and this time, “Pop Pop Thai Street Food” popped into my list.

It’s located on Aurora Avenue, near LA Fitness and the Asian Food Center, but that day, I didn’t feel like making a trip anywhere at all.

Thankfully, the restaurant now offers a service operated with Amazon’s newly introduced Prime Now, which delivers food from restaurants within your area directly to your hands! Is there anything better than when you can skip your trips and get your food delivered right in front at your door?

It’s as simple as shooting fish in a barrel — place your orders on Amazon.com and pay with your card, just like when ordering other things online. Once your order is out for delivery, you can do real-time order tracking, like tracking your Uber. Then, about half an hour later, freshly-cooked food is right at your door for you to enjoy.

Som Tum (Papaya Salad) $7.95

Som tum, a famous dish that you can find everywhere if you have a chance to visit Thailand, is a Thai-style salad — shredded green papaya, cherry tomatoes, dried shrimp, green beans, garlic, peanut, red chili, fish sauce, sugar and lime juice.
The first bite just gave me such nostalgia. The sourness, saltiness and sweetness was perfectly balanced. The green papaya was well-shredded.

Next time, I’d probably request for more chili. It was missing the spiciness, which is fundamental for this dish.


Kao Kha Moo

Kao Kha Moo $9.95

This braised pork leg — served with rice, special sauces and some vegetables — is a typical street food, which most Thais eat as their breakfast. I ordered this dish because I missed how I used to go out for this breakfast when I was in Bangkok.

The minute I put the food into my mouth, it just made me forget about all the calories. The pork leg is slow-cooked until the meat is tender and the fat melted in my mouth. The vegetables were well-cooked but I would take points off because of the sauce was a little bit too salty. Best kao kha moo in Seattle that I’ve tried so far!


Stir-fried Holy Basil (AKA Pad Gaprao) $8.95 (+ fried egg for $1)

This dish is stir-fried holy basil leaves with your choice of meat, seasoned with oyster sauce, soy sauce and sugar. This entree is always served with white Jasmine rice and a fried egg.

Every time I go to a new Thai restaurant, this item is usually what determines if that place is worth coming back to again or not. It is an item that I can get every single day. This time, the meat I chose was minced pork.

I chose the “very spicy” option. I didn’t like much that they put some veggies such as green pepper into it because the authentic recipe just has the meat, basil leaves and red chili.


Pad Thai $8.95

In Thailand, you can enjoy this dish for $1 at a typical food truck. Yes. Just $1. But the taste it gives is worth $30. It is stir-fried noodles with tofu, shrimp, eggs, peanut sauce, green onions and topped with bean sprouts and crushed peanuts.

The peanut sauce was well-seasoned with a great balance between its sourness and sweetness. I liked the tofu part which was crispy on the outside but very soft inside, and the freshness of the bean sprouts drove up the taste to a beyond level. Also, the way they cooked was not too oily.

The only downside for this dish was that the noodles were too small, compared to the authentic ones I had back home. The portion was very big, so you might want someone to split the calories with you.

Overall, it was a good shot. I loved the food and the Amazon Prime Now service. I’d definitely use this service again and again. My life has just reached its peak!

Address: 13242 Aurora Ave N #104, Seattle, WA 98133
From SCC: Take E-Line and get off at Aurora Ave N & N 135th S; take 345 and get off at Four Freedoms Apartments and walk about four minutes.

-Chanidapha Orachorn