Chillin’ with SCC’s Beatnik Coalition


Jeff Couch (back) and Avi Kerson (front) play a spectrum of bass.

“It’s not about knowing the songs but feeling the groove. I would say the second one, ‘Sonnymoon

for Two’ (was my favorite) just because I have a personal connection to it.

I played it in elementary school, and hearing (it again is) nice. They’re pretty good, I would use some

instrumentations, but they are not a big band.”

– Jacob Martin, SCC student

From left: Collin Young (keyboard), Jeff Couch (electric bass), Avi Kerson (double bass), Dallas Quick (drums), Shaun Quick (guitar/electric bass), Steven McAnulty (baritone saxophone)

By Davira Shaffena,
Ad Manager

Photos by Nick Molsee