5 Things to Do in November

It’s November, and for those of you who don’t have a birthday this month (dear god, I’m so old), you may find yourself subject to some seasonal blahs as the rain kicks back into full gear and you wave goodbye to temperatures in the 60s.

So here’s a few activities to keep you occupied. You know, because you already got your final papers and projects finished ahead of time. Of course.

1. Turkeys!

Every year, the president of the United States symbolically pardons a turkey, declaring that it shall not be dinner this year. The whole thing is ridiculous. But not this year. This year, that turkey’s going to have done something that actually needs a pardon.

So grab a feathered friend and go jaywalking, refuse to keep off the grass or tear that tag off your mattress. Then tweet about it. Trump will thank you for your patriotic service, rather than, say, verbally eviscerating you in a manner usually reserved for people who sleep with your spouse.

2. Vote!

Despite the growing power and influence of the American presidency, the measures on your ballot this year will directly affect your life in ways Trump never could. Fill out and mail your ballot by Nov. 7, it matters. And for all you under-18 Running Start students, pester friends, family, even strangers. Get out the vote efforts are going on right now, and they need your youthful exuberance and stamina to weather all that rejection.

3. Pumpkins!

Provide a public service and offer to take all those jack-o-lanterns off your neighbors’ hands. Get in there early enough and the internet is chock full of culinary and decorative options. Or you can use the pumpkins to test out your Punkin Chunkin machine.

4. Culture!

Seattle is a world-class city with world-class events. There is no shortage of venues hosting an endless cornucopia of music and art. Visit the Seattle Art Museum, or hit the Eastside for its Bellevue counterpart. Head under I-5 and catch some loud, offbeat up-and-comers at El Corazon.

The Pacific Northwest Ballet is performing “Her Story” through Nov. 12, and through Nov. 19, the Seattle Shakespeare Company is putting on their production of Nikolai Gogol’s “The Government Inspector,” which I’ve seen, and it is hilarious.

Plus, the Seattle Symphony has a plethora of shows every week, including, I kid you not, Yanni. You know, the guy with the hair. Okay, most of you are too young, but that’s not the point here.

5. Novels!

It’s National Novel Writing Month, so write a novel! There are so many classic themes you can pull from. Reconciliation. Lost and/or renewed friendships. Troubled youths. Unrequited love. Time travel. The sky’s the limit. You can go to the SCC library from 5:30-7:30 p.m. every Wednesday in November for their weekly write-ins.

– Connor Tee