The Ebbtide Wins 11 Awards

The Ebbtide receives awards from the PNAJE


Cheryl Amelia, A&E Editor

The Ebbtide brings home 11 awards, 5 of which scored first place in the Pacific Northwest Association of Journalism Educators (PNAJE) 2022-2023. “I am so proud of our team,” said Editor-in-Chief Paris Apodaca. SCC’s newspaper had the second most awards received out of the seven community colleges that received the PNAJE awards.

Wilderness Restored at Boeing Creek Park, written by Oliver Girouard, won second place in the general news category and received an honorable mention in the photo essay category. The article addresses the reasons behind Boeing Creek’s lake removal project alongside beautiful portraits of the creek and hiking trails that are “a stone’s throw away” from SCC’s automotive department. The judges of PNAJE commented “Story more in-depth than the rest of its cadre” applauding the substance within Girouard’s piece.

Bella Munson, The Ebbtide’s sports editor, grasped an outstanding award with Back-to-back Basketball. She won first place in the category of best sports photo. The winning portrait showcases a player laying down on the ground with two teammates hovering above her projecting the truest spirit of motivational teamwork and perseverance.

Elyjah Zamora-Woolsey snatched third place in what is one of the most competitive sections with his article An Honors Education at a Cost in the general news category. The article goes in-depth on SCC’s Honors College which provides a package of opportunities including presenting research at the University of Washington’s Symposium, but for a steep fee.

The Ebbtide also took first and second place under the category of best feature. Astrid Alexander’s heroic piece Buffalo Soldiers Fighting for Freedom was bound for center stage commemorating the significant role of African American soldiers. Editor-in-Chief, Paris Apodaca, also grabbed second place with Daddy Dolphie’s Debut. Her article welcomes the new design of SCC’s dolphin mascot, along with recognizing the mixed reactions of SCC’s Students who were attached to the previous “dinosaur-looking” mascot design.

Former Editor-in-Chief, Jasmine Contreras-Lewis, proved her legacy still lives on by winning first place in the Best Review category. Coffee Near Campus: A Caffeine Addict’s Review provides pressing information on the six spots to assist the sleep-deprived college students along with a call to justice for the PUB’s Coffee Machine.

The Ebbtide’s headline brainstormers received the home run of first and third place in the best headline category. The alarming Professional Vampires Missing from Campus earned the gold medal and the poetic Ask not for whom the Taco Bell tolls, It tolls for Pizza earned a bronze. PNAJE also awarded The Ebbtide first and second place in the best page design category.

Apodaca believes the Ebbtide’s team of staff and editors had done a wonderful job focusing on the main goal which is to represent the students. So raise your glass or coffee mugs, to 11 awards and five gold medals. That’s a wrap for the spring of 2023. Until we meet again, in the fall.