Word on the street: what do you think of the changes in the PUB?

By Aaron Berry & Aaron Meliza

Hansen Liman
“It makes the PUB look like a hotel. But there are less places to sit in. But I’m really digging the
hotel thing.”
– Hansen Liman

Adam Eberly
“I have no thoughts on it.”
– Adam Eberly

LJ Lorey
“It feels like an office. It doesn’t feel cozy enough for me.”
-CJ Lorey

Michael McGovern
“I thought it was a lot more open before. It seems like there are less seats now. I do like the fact that they got seats with more back support.”
-Michael McGovern

Kyra Dahlman
“It’s really great! There’s so many plugs! And it’s homier. The colors are more opening.”
-Kyra Dahlman