We Won!

The Ebbtide has once again won a bevy of awards, courtesy of the Pacific Northwest Association of Journalism Educators.

Frances Hui won second place in general news for her story on the SCC student who was detained after trying to reenter the country.

Areeya Tipyasothi, Nellie Ferguson and Coral Nafziger won first place in comprehensive coverage for their special section on cheating.

Tipyasothi also won first place for her personality profile of former ASG President Winston Lee.

CJ Priebe won third place in sports news reporting for his article on the inactive SCC women’s basketball team.

Priebe and Ferguson also got an honorable mention for their story on the cheerleading team’s uniforms.

Kristen Clark won first place for her commentary on things that are harder to get than an AR-15.

Martin Musialczyk won third place for his news photo for the article “Dr. E and the Funky Bunch.”

Aditya Wiputra got an honorable mention for his feature photo of Christina Yanos at the SCC talent show.

And to top it all off, the Ebbtide won second place in the general excellence category.

You keep reading, we’ll keep winning. Thanks for everything, Phins.