ASG in Review – Vol 53 Issue 3, Dec. 1, 2017

The Associated Student Government (ASG) has meetings the first and third Monday of every month. If students would like to meet their representatives or voice an issue, they may attend. Meetings are held from 3-5p.m. in the boardroom of the 1000 Building. Students can also go to the third floor of the PUB to the Student Life Office on most weekdays and meet their representatives there. Because finals are coming up, the next and final meeting of the quarter will be on Monday, Dec. 11, unless it’s cancelled. If it is, the ASG will announce this on their website:

At this meeting, a person from the music program saw that her mini grant request wasn’t on the meeting schedule, and asked if she could have five minutes to make her presentation as it was scheduled. Rezina Habtemariam, Director of Student Life, took her outside the boardroom and into the hallway to speak privately. The person from the music program did not return.

Mini Grants

Environmental Club

The Environmental Club went to the ASG on Monday with a revised version of a mini grant they had submitted, that had been tabled at a previous ASG meeting.

“This time,” their representative said, “We just came for the food.”

The Environmental Club’s trip will be Dec. 1-2. They’ll stay overnight at Kalaloch Lodge, talk about intertidal ecology on Ruby Beach, and visit Lake Crescent. They stated in their presentation that they might use the mini grant to buy food at the grocery store, and cook together, to save money.

ASG President Yorin Anggari noted that cooking builds teamwork and bonding skills.

Requested: $640
Granted: $640

Theater Tech

The representative of The representative of Theater Tech went to the ASG requesting a mini grant to build a ramp, fixing a safety hazard in the theater building.

According to him, there is a rotten piece of wood that serves as a ramp. “For a while, it worked,” he said. Though he added, “Even today, I tripped on the rotten piece of plywood.”

Replacing it “Seems like the right thing to do,” the representative said.

Technological Affairs Officer Aung Thiha Kyaw suggested this issue be discussed with administration. Sustainability Officer Matthew Sukalac asked Habtemariam what to do, and she told the ASG to vote on it that day.

ASG Vice President Nam Pham asked the representative why he didn’t go to the SCOF Committee. The representative said that on the ASG website, it seemed like the mini grant request was the way to get it done–and as it’s a safety issue, the sooner it’s fixed, the better.

Requested: $440
Granted: $440

CEO Club

The CEO Club, which is for helping 16-21 year olds with- out high school diplomas to earn their degrees, had four mini grants.

1. Pizza
The CEO Club plans to have a pizza party on Dec. 13 to celebrate students’ first quarter back in college. Their mini grant was to cover pizza, drinks, plates and napkins.

Club Affairs Officer Fatoumata Jammeh asked the presenter, “Does CEO have a meaning?”

Alan Loveless, a CEO Program Specialist who was with the presenter, informed her that it stood for Career Education Options.

When Habtemariam ascertained that the funds would be for a class, and not a club -as the CEO Club and CEO program are separate, she said, “S & A funds cannot be used in that way.”

Loveless responded, “They have been for the last 2 years.”

When Anggari tried to move the ASG meeting to the discussion section, Habtemariam said, “No.”

The ASG then conferred, and agreed to table the dis- cussion until the next ASG meeting, which will be two days before the party takes place.

Requested: $170
Granted: $0

2. Shirts
The CEO Club plans to order 40 long sleeved shirts and 6 hoodies advertising the CEO Club and creating “a sense of community and identity,” according to their mini grant request. The club currently has 5 members. Loveless said that “Some students come in (to SCC) with a sense of stigma.” Help- ing to create a community for these students to be a part of may help them reach their goals.

Requested: $514
Granted: : $514

3. Bowling
The CEO Club requested funds for its members, and funds for 10 other people in case others are interested, to go bowling once a month until the end of this school year. Loveless said that the trips would be “Marketed heavily all around campus.”

After some discussion, the mini grant was halved so that the CEO Club could bowl every other month.

Requested: $2,022
Granted: $1,011

4. Skating
The CEO Club will go to Mod Pizza and an outdoor skating rink on Dec 15. Pham asked if members were going to find their own way to the skating rink, and Loveless answered, “They will. In my car.”

Jammeh asked the presenter, “Have you considered asking the members (of CEO Club) whether they can con-
tribute financially?”

The representatives agreed that the CEO Club could not contribute, and Anggari told Jammeh that club members usually don’t pay for things like that.

Requested: $140.76
Granted: $140.76

By NELLIE FERGUSON, Political Reporter
Inquiries: [email protected]