The Ebbtide

“Suspiria”: a Legacy of Terror

Nova Clark December 2, 2018

HORROR FILM LIVES UP TO ITS PREDECESSOR 1977’s cult slasher flick “Suspiria” was resurrected this fall, with a brand-new interpretation that presents a satisfying blend of clever similarities,...

Pho Has Specialty Pho. Photo: Natasha Sidik

Ebbtide Eats: Pho-Tastic

Natasha Sidik November 21, 2018

SCC is surrounded by a number Vietnamese restaurants — specifically, ones centered on serving pho. Pho is a type of rice noodle soup served with different broth bases (usually beef or chicken), with...

Bryce West, Matt Correa, Alyssa Hope Mass, Erin Smith and Hannah Lund do their best with the puppets theyre provided. PHOTO CREDIT: Ming Tian

SCC’s ‘Little Shop’ a Letdown

Nova Clark October 20, 2018

MISPLACED PUPPETS CHEAPEN A FAN FAVORITE This year’s fall musical fell victim to an unsuccessful spin put on its execution, though fortunately, it was through no fault of the talent. The cast was...

‘Searching’ for Safety

Natasha Sidik October 20, 2018

FILM SERVES AS CAUTIONARY TALE There are a number of horrifying things that can happen outside of our control, and staying safe is a high priority. In the recent hit movie “Searching,” the disappearance...

Confusion, Courtship and Condoms

CJ Priebe October 6, 2018

ROM-COM GOES POSTAL Don’t you hate it when your younger sister mails your love letters to a slew of your past and current crushes? “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” is based on Jenny Han’s...

Broken Fantasy

Broken Fantasy

“OFF WE FLY NOW” FAILS TO TAKE OFF Disney, the Brothers Grimm, we all know some variation of the famous fairy tales of our childhood. SCC’s new play includes some of the leading ladies in...

A Night at the Opera

A Night at the Opera

WORKSHOP SHOWCASES STUDENT TALENT On a frigid, gloomy afternoon, the lights dimmed in the SCC theater, leaving only a vague outline of the pianist to the right of the stage patiently waiting to play...

“Wakanda Forever”

"BLACK PANTHER" LIVES UP TO HYPE The Marvel film we’ve all been waiting for has finally premiered. On Feb. 16, “Black Panther” blessed the big screen. The fillm features a beautiful, dominant black...

Lady Bird Soars to New Heights

Tobias Hope-Young February 20, 2018

SACRAMENTO TEEN STRIKES EMOTIONAL CHORD High school is that one elusive time period in many of our lives. It is a time of change of identity and discovery as high schoolers move out into the real world. For...

24K Magic in the Air

February 9, 2018

DIVERSITY DOMINATES THE GRAMMYS This year’s Grammy Awards may have represented a changing of the guard in the music industry. A diverse group of nominees opened up the possibility of the industry moving...

Spooning in Public

“THE ROOM” LEAVE SPACE FOR LAUGHTER “Spoons!” was the first thing I heard, before a storm of plastic silverware hailed down on the second row in Pacific Place Theater. “The Room,” director...

Not a Disaster

Tobias Hope-Young January 22, 2018

A GOOD FILM ABOUT A BAD FILM. "The Disaster Artist” seems to exist to answer the one question that is asked about all bad movies: "How did this film get made?" To its credit, the movie does try to answer...

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