The Ebbtide

Double Exposure: ’12 Angry Men’ (1957)

Nova Clark May 6, 2019

“Double Exposure” is a brand new column dedicated to bringing attention to classic films of note. Written by Reginald Rose and directed by Sidney Lumet, “12 Angry Men” reigns as perhaps...

Rocket Men

Rocket Men

Nova Clark March 16, 2019

"APOLLO 11" CAPTURES HUMANITY OF MOON LANDING Every so often, a truly remarkable piece of cinema will capture lightning in a bottle. Such is the case with “Apollo 11” — a film that is not just...

Etched in Stone

CJ Priebe March 4, 2019

THE BEST OF THE BEST OSCARS The Academy Awards can make it feel like the movie industry is mired in political swank. It’s inevitable: Great art has always been used to market something, be it...

The Ones That Got Away

Nova Clark March 4, 2019

NEAR MISSES IN OSCAR HISTORY Oscar season has come and gone, and with it, films have won and lost. The event of one’s favorite movie losing by a hair to a less worthy picture has had spectators...



Nova Clark February 20, 2019

FIFTEEN ROMANCE FILMS THAT TRANSCEND TIME Perhaps no medium can personify love quite like the world of movies. In 1896, audiences witnessed one of the first motion pictures ever screened — an...

A Muggle’s Guide to Relationships

CJ Priebe February 20, 2019

FANTASTIC FRIENDS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM Spoiler Warning: This article talks about the Harry Potter book and film series and talks about what happens throughout. The magical realm of Harry Potter...

“You” Need to Leave Me Alone

NETFLIX SHOW GLORIFIES SERIAL STALKING You can’t look over your shoulder too many times. However, in the Netflix series “You,” the female protagonist fails to even look at all. The book-turned-show...

Reflections of a Mentee

Reflections of a Mentee

Juan Páez February 4, 2019

SCC PROFESSOR IN HOLLYWOOD SPOTLIGHT Hollywood producers have taken an interest in making a movie about Mahmoud Muhammad Taha, Sudanese religious and political leader, through the eyes of SCC professor...

Complimentary Television

Nova Clark January 19, 2019

WHAT TO WATCH WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE CABLE Cable television could be considered an obsolete expense for the present-day viewer. Who hasn’t heard the age-old reason for cancelling cable subscriptions...

“Suspiria”: a Legacy of Terror

Nova Clark December 2, 2018

HORROR FILM LIVES UP TO ITS PREDECESSOR 1977’s cult slasher flick “Suspiria” was resurrected this fall, with a brand-new interpretation that presents a satisfying blend of clever similarities,...

‘Searching’ for Safety

Natasha Sidik October 20, 2018

FILM SERVES AS CAUTIONARY TALE There are a number of horrifying things that can happen outside of our control, and staying safe is a high priority. In the recent hit movie “Searching,” the disappearance...

Confusion, Courtship and Condoms

CJ Priebe October 6, 2018

ROM-COM GOES POSTAL Don’t you hate it when your younger sister mails your love letters to a slew of your past and current crushes? “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” is based on Jenny Han’s...

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