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SCC Budget Crisis Shakes Administration

KEY FIGURES REVEAL MONETARY REALITY SCC’s finances are a cause of growing concern amongst faculty, staff and the student body, with the administration exploring solutions such as raising tuition and keeping job vacancies open as an answer to the $3 million budget shortfall the campus is facing. The administration held another open meeting to address…

The Process Begins

SCC PLANS TO LAUNCH BACCALAUREATE PROGRAM IN DENTAL HYGIENE SCC’s board of trustees approved a measure two months ago to begin the process for the school to offer a baccalaureate program. The college hopes to offer a Bachelors of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene (BASDH) after going through a few bureaucratic hurdles, according to Bayta…

A New King in Town

PHILLIP KING HIRED AS VICE PRESIDENT FOR STUDENT LEARNING SCC’s administration has selected Phillip King to be the school’s next Vice President for Student Learning (VP-SL). He is expected to assume the position July 1, according to SCC President Cheryl Roberts. “Mr. King’s background and values around inclusion, diversity, and equity were in strong alignment…

Dwell on the Job

SCC IS LOOKING FOR ITS FIRST SET OF RESIDENTIAL ADVISORS If getting to live in a free, fully furnished studio apartment on campus and becoming more involved in SCC’s leadership sounds appealing, there might be a new job for you. The 7000 Building is nearly complete and needs tenants, but there isn’t anyone to hold…


Room for Improvement

NEW BUILDING SPELLS FRESH START FOR STEM A brand new project will unite SCC’s STEM programs with innovation and improvement. The Allied Health, Science & Advanced Manufacturing Complex, which will replace the current 2500 Building and possibly the first floor of the PUB, is set to begin construction this summer. Construction The three-story complex will…

All For Nothing

WHERE TEXTBOOKS FALL SHORT With a new quarter in full swing, an old problem may be facing students — and it comes in the form of a textbook. The pattern is familiar: Instructors will list required reading in the syllabus, and it will be purchased only to be returned later on. As a result, textbooks…


Mr. Worldwide

RECRUITER SHOWS THE “GOOD” SIDE OF SCC Rylan Good is something of a journeyman. At six months old, Good, originally from Korea, was adopted by a white family in a small town in Pennsylvania. He hasn’t stopped traveling since, as shown by the souvenirs from his travels that fill his office: prayer flags from Nepal,…


“We’ve Had Enough!”

SCC was ablaze with passionate speakers and enthusiastic crowds as underpaid faculty and staff cried “no more!” The failure of Washington state to tax the rich and properly fund higher education came to a head on April 16, 2019 when nine community and technical colleges (CTCs) in the Seattle area held staff and student walkouts….

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