Sunshine Cheng Reflects on Recent Win

ASG president and former candidate detail future plans

Kirk Meyers, News Editor

ASG President Sunshine Cheng has been reelected for a second term.
The 2021-22 ASG presidential election concluded with 42 votes for Cheng and 29 votes for her opponent, Samira Jimaale. The results were announced at the May 24 ASG board meeting.

Cheng Reelected

Cheng was originally instated as ASG president at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote operations caused a number of issues that impeded the progress of Cheng’s first term, such as technical difficulties and communication faults.
In a June 3 interview with The Ebbtide, Cheng shared words of wisdom from her advisor, Sundi Musnicki: “Over the last year we’ve had to redefine how we view success.”
During the 2020-21 election, Cheng highlighted a lack of communication between SCC’s executive team and the Strategic Planning and Budget Council, which she has been a part of since 2019. Cheng hopes to build and improve lines of contact between the administration and student body to avoid similar circumstances of poor communication.
To improve SCC’s financial situation, Cheng had proposed the establishment of an academic enrichment program that would offer courses to high school students from the surrounding community and supplementary courses to current students.
Cheng envisions that such a program could help boost SCC’s enrollment, “improve SCC’s reputation” and help develop a greater sense of community within the student body. The initiative’s progress has been hindered by the pandemic; however, Cheng aims to further it during her second term by applying for the college’s Innovation Fund.

Jimaale: Moving Forward

Candidate Samira Jimaale, who ran as Cheng’s only opponent, will join ASG in the fall as its Governmental Affairs Officer.
In addition to completing her duties as Governmental Affairs Officer, Jimaale aims to highlight various resources available to students — such as counseling and tutoring services — to promote mental health and well-being within the student body.
Jimaale hopes to achieve this by providing opportunities for students to partake in various mental health-focused activities and engage with faculty.