News Briefs – Vol 53 Issue 10, March 16, 2018

Yoga Session

12:35-1:25 p.m., March 16; Room 3025

Finish off BREATHE week with a yoga session to get centered before kicking off finals week. If you like it, you can check out our intramural calendar for more classes.

Last Day of Instruction

March 19

Last chance to cram your brain full of knowledge alongside your classmates. Also your last chance to ask out that hottie who sits two rows in front of you, so get to it.

College Rep Visit

11 a.m.-1 p.m., March 19; PUB

Representatives from the Lake Washington Institute of Technology will be in the PUB to discuss aid, admission, campus life and any questions you might have.

Multicultural Center Potluck

12:30-2:30 p.m., March 19; PUB (Room 2301)

Eat food. Meet other students. Then eat more food. Soul food is the theme, and will be provided courtesy of That Brown Girl Cooks.

Prep Day

March 20

You’ve already studied, obviously, so this is a great day to kick back, watch some anime, go to a park, whatever you want, as all that sweet, sweet knowledge transfers over from short- to long-term memory.


March 21-23

They’re here at last. But we already established that you studied. And now, with that rest day under your belt? No sweat. You got this.

Workforce Funding Info Session

2-4 p.m., March 21; FOSS (Room 5101)

This session is for low-income students to learn about getting help paying for tuition, fees, books, parking or ORCA passes. If you aren’t sure if you qualify, show up anyway, and find out.

Nursing Commencement

4-5 p.m., March 22; PUB (Main Dining Room)

Celebrate as these students prepare to enter that most noble of professions. Real life superheroes, these folks.

FAFSA Workshop

2:30-3:30 p.m., March 26; FOSS (Room 5101)

Mo’ money, mo’ problems. Or in this case, mo’ money, probably less problems? In any case, figure out how you can get money from the government to continue watering the tendrils of knowledge sprouting in your mind.

Grades Available

March 28

Wow, good job! You see, we already know you did well. Don’t ask how. And if you didn’t do as well, keep your head up! We know you can do it!

First Day of Instruction

April 4

Welcome back, Phins! You must be so tired from all the sleeping in, so it’s a good thing spring break is only a week long. We wouldn’t want you to get too used to those eight hours or anything, right? Haha, right…?

Multicultural Center Welcome Back and Open House

12:30-2:30 p.m., April 5; PUB (9301)

The Multicultural Center is kicking off the new quarter with an open house, where you can meet with faculty, staff and other students and ask questions about life at SCC. Oh, and the snacks are free. You’re welcome.

From Margin to Center

Queer Film Series: “Pinkwashing Exposed”
12:30-1:30 p.m., April 9; PUB (Room 9208)

The next installment in the Queer Film Series is “Pinkwashing Exposed,” a documentary about the fight against human rights violations hidden under a progressive, LGBTQ friendly facade, set right here in Seattle.

Prison Industrial Complex
12:30-1:30 p.m., April 11, PUB, Quiet Dining Room
UW Law Professor Edwin Lindo will discuss the prison industrial complex and its connections to schools and the inner-city. He’ll focus on how prisons and policing continue to “hyper-racialize” communities of color.

Movements & Community Organizing
12:30-1:30 p.m., April 12, PUB, Quiet Dining Room.

Professor Edwin Lindo will discuss the history of movements and community organizing back to the ‘60s and ‘70s, and how that informs what’s happening across the country today.

Last Day for 100 Percent Refund

April 10

Decide you don’t like your 7:30 a.m. class? Want to get away from the oversolicitous creepy guy in your lab group? Think you need the tuition money back to pay for your sins during spring break? Well, here’s your last chance to get back all your money, because after this, you’ll only be getting a measly 50 percent.

Last Day for Online Schedule Change

April 10

Trying to avoid coming to campus unnecessarily? Running from that hour-long commute at all costs? But oh-no, your schedule needs changing! Better get it done before today, or it’s traffic-city for you, my friend.

South Africa’s Fragile Democracy

6:30-8:30 p.m., April 12, Room 1010

The Great Discussions series returns. Spots are limited, and you have to buy tickets. The link to pay can be found on the college calendar entry for the event.

Grad App Due Date

April 13

Planning to graduate at the end of the quarter? Better get that application in. And if you forgot, don’t worry, there’s a good chance I did too. Good thing we both checked the News Briefs the day before the deadline, eh?

Taiwan’s Indigenous Cultures

12:30-1:30 p.m., April 17, PUB, Quiet Dining Room

Taiwanese culture stretches back thousands of years, but their 16 tribes lost their sovereignty in the 19th century. SCC’s own Professor Mayumi Steinmetz will discuss her research into the indigenous peoples of Taiwan.

Add/Drop Fee Begins

April 18

You’ve been going to class for a couple weeks now, surely you owe your professors something for their trouble, right? Unless you drop before today. Then you’re in the clear.

“W” Begins

April 18

Yeah, it’s nobody’s favorite thing to see on a transcript, but hey, it’s a heckuva lot better than that F you were gonna get otherwise, right? Or the dreaded “I.” Still, might be best to decide whether you want to keep going with the class before today.

Russia’s Foreign Policy

6:30-8:30 p.m., April 19, Room 1010

The Great Discussions series returns. Spots are limited, and you have to buy tickets. The link to pay can be found on the college calendar entry for the event.

New Ebbtide

April 20

Your long, hard drought is over, we’re back with a vengeance!

By Connor TeeEditor in Chief
Areeya Tipyasothi, Copy Editor