The Ebbtide

Shoreline Community College graduates from the class of 2022-2023.

Commencement Ceremony 2024

Cheryl Amelia, A&E editor May 3, 2024

This year’s Commencement Ceremony will be celebrating graduates of the 2023-2024 academic calendar on Fri., June 21. The event will begin at 2:00 p.m. and it’ll be held in the Shoreline Gymnasium (3000...

a student getting their photo taken for their new student ID

The Return of the Student ID

Adrien Koe, Staff Writer April 19, 2024

Additional Reporting by Sok Kong The student ID card has returned for this new quarter, as all students, staff and faculty can get their ID cards now at the 5000 (FOSS) Building. Those who need an ID...

A paper prototype developed by one of UI/UX Design Cafe Club’s current members. (UI/UX Design Cafe Club)

The Rebirth of the Library Website

Nicholas Hauw, Staff Writer April 19, 2024

Truth be told, our library’s website looks unappealing to students’ creative eyes at its current state. The library website has been a part of Shoreline Community College for a long time, yet despite...

By afternoon, this nocturnal missive was wiped clean by high-pressure washing, with no inkling of its original message left, but the faded paint scrawls remain as a reminder.

Overnight Vandalism Mars Campus Facilities

Johanna Wilder, Co-editor February 16, 2024

Sometime between midnight and around 3am, Sgt Gregory Cranson of the Campus Safety & Security Department suspects, on the morning of Feb. 2, an unknown person entered the campus from the Greenwood...

Study Away in Alabama Application Deadline Looms

Study Away in Alabama Application Deadline Looms

Johanna Wilder, Staff Reporter January 11, 2024

It's not too late to apply and reserve your seat, but deadlines are approaching quickly. Friday, Jan. 12, is the last day to sign up for the class requirements without instructor approval, and [UPDATE:]...

A student sprays a catalytic converter with a bright-colored paint to prevent the auto part from being stolen. (Jeffrey Shirts)

SCC Auto Students Work to Deter Thefts

Jeffrey Shirts, News Editor October 27, 2023

Shoreline Community College’s automotive department hosted an event on Oct. 17 in collaboration with the Shoreline Police Department to help curb the rising rates of catalytic converter thefts. Catalytic...

Senator Patty Murray speaking with a woman and child.

Senator Patty Murray Returns to SCC

Johanna Wilder, Staff Writer October 13, 2023

Unfinished business brought Senator Patty Murray back to Shoreline College, where she taught a parenting class on campus in our own Parent Child Center. Sen. Murray appeared without fanfare last Friday...

SCC Host Mindful Mondays for Mental Health Awareness

SCC Host Mindful Mondays for Mental Health Awareness

Elyjah Zamora-Woolsey May 26, 2023

Students at Shoreline Community College have started a weekly routine to improve their mental health. In the 9201 room of the student union building, students host Mindfulness Mondays as a part of an effort...

Fire Breaks out on Campus

Fire Breaks out on Campus

Oliver Girouard May 23, 2023

A fire broke out at the 2600 building on campus around 8:30 a.m. today. No injuries were reported and the Shoreline Fire Department and campus security are on the scene. Classes that meet in the following...

Self-Defense Workshop

Self-Defense Workshop

Xander Welborn, Staff Writer January 20, 2023

A free self defense workshop is happening soon. Come join Alpha Martial Arts from 12-1 p.m. on Jan. 25 in the Quiet Dining Room (Room 9208). You'll learn techniques to help defend yourself. This event...

the cutout in the window of the dorms

Case of the Looming Figure

Jeffrey Shirts, Staff Writer December 9, 2022

As you walk across the visitor parking lot, across from the main bus stop for SCC, you notice a cardboard cutout of a man ominously staring out the window, as if looking for someone who is not there. You...

SCC Nursing Student Killed in Tragic Accident

SCC Nursing Student Killed in Tragic Accident

Jasmine Contreras-Lewis, Editor-in-Chief November 25, 2022

Halfway through fall quarter, on Nov. 4, 2022, Ariana Arevalo-Martinez died at age 20 when a tree fell on her house as she was taking a nap. She was studying in SCC’s nursing assistant program when an...

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