News Briefs – Vol 54 Issue 15, June 14, 2019

Final Exams
June 17-19
It’s the final countdown… Good luck on your finals, Phins. You got this.

The Honors College Research Track: Final Presentations
1:30-3:20 p.m., June 19; Rm. 9208
The Honors College has a unique year-long course called the Research Track, which gives Honors students the chance to participate and create their own in-depth projects of their choice. The students already presented their work at the annual UW Symposium and SCC students will have the chance to check out what the research students have to offer.

6-8 p.m., June 20; Gym
The Ebbtide would like to congratulate all of the graduating and commencing SCC students! Make sure you have your cap and gown, tickets and your invitee list. This is your time to shine.