ASG in Review – Vol 53 Issue 13, May 18, 2018

The Associated Student Government (ASG) typically holds board meetings from 3-5 p.m. on the first and third Monday of every month. Students may attend if they would like to meet their representatives or voice an issue. In addition, students may meet with their representatives in the Student Life Office on the third floor of the PUB on most weekdays.

The most recent meeting was on May 14 in the boardroom of the 1000 Building. It was the last meeting for mini-grant applications in this fiscal year.

The next meeting will be May 28.


Computer Science Club

The purpose of the club is to give opportunities for students to apply knowledge of computer science to practical applications and solve real-life problems, according to Club President Buka Cakrawala.

Cakrawala said students have a lot to learn besides theory, since technology companies such as Google and Facebook focus more on students’ skills and project experiences than GPA.

Cakrawala said she believes the club could build student interest in computer science and programming and attract new students to learn computer science.

They said the club is open to all students to join regardless of their intended majors and that they would be happy to collaborate with other STEM clubs.


The club will provide an open environment for students to explore their spiritual awareness, according to the club representatives.

“The club would be a unified community where people from all different cultures can come together as a family,” said a representative.

One of the club representatives said the club would be open to everyone regardless of their background, beliefs, race, sex and ability, and that they would be happy to collaborate with other religious clubs on the campus.


Contingency Fund Transfer

Toni Zapanta, the ASG budget and finance officer, requested a $5,000 funding transfer from the contingency to the mini-grant budget.

Since so many clubs applied for mini-grants this year, only $5,000 is left for the mini-grant budget, according to Zapanta. By requesting the extra funding from the contingency, the total budget amount would be increased to $10,000.

Request: $5,000

Granted: $5,000

YooToo Club

The club continued their presentation, which was tabled in the last meeting, to request funding for a Canon EOS 80D DSLR camera with a lens, light reflector, tripod and photo-editing software.

According to Club President Min-Yuan Lee, the club would be able to bring members together and produce better quality videos for campus events. Members could also learn photography skills and how to use equipment by routinely producing two videos in a quarter including a video for another club’s event.

The club prepared two camera options — their first choice being the Canon and the other being a Nikon D5600 DSLR camera which was $600 cheaper than the Canon.

Lee said they prefer the Canon because it captures light and audio in better quality, which would make taking video in outdoor and dark environments much easier. Also it is anticipated to be more sustainable due to its longer lifespan.

Lee said the club also planned to purchase the editing software using $160 from their baseline budget.

In the last meeting, Lee said the equipment from the film department had to be borrowed by students enrolled in photography or film classes. Even if the club had access, borrowing equipment would take time.

The equipment, once purchased, would be kept in the storage room behind the Low Tide Lounge and only used for club purposes. If the club becomes inactive, all the equipment would be transferred to Student Life.

Cheri Coleman, the ASG social justice officer, said she believes members could also pursue their projects in the club aside from just having two event videos each quarter, so this would be a long-term investment.

Vice President Nam Pham agreed that it is a great investment since it is difficult for students to borrow equipment, but he suggested the club have a clear system of checking out the equipment.

ASG Communication Officer Gary Wu suggested that the equipment could be kept in the Student Life office so Lisa Smith, the program assistant at the front desk, could be responsible for checking it out.

The ASG approved the mini-grant for the Canon camera.

Request: $1,643.47

Granted: $1,643.47

Black Student Union (BSU)

The first-ever SCC award ceremony to honor black faculty and staff, BSU Honors, will be held on June 2.

According to Terrance Bishop, the president of BSU, they will be honoring 16 people. About 60 guests, including students, honorees and their families, are expected to attend the ceremony.

The awards would come in the form of trophies, plaques or paper certificates, depending on how long the staff member has been working at SCC.

Bishop said he believes it will be a great chance to show their appreciation for staff members’ endeavors which may not be recognized by the school.

The request for the mini-grant includes the price of awards and food provided during the event.

The club will use its current budget balance of $137 to purchase the event’s decorations and to pay miscellaneous fees.

Request: $1,196.87

Granted: $1,196.87

Dental Hygiene Club

An event to honor students graduating from the dental hygiene program will be held on June 16.

According to the representative, it is a great chance for students to see how the program works. He said he anticipates 200 people to be in attendance for the ceremony.

Their request includes the food provided, PUB staff and decorations.

A member from the board notified the representative that Student Life could provide technological assistance services for free, which would remove the need to retain PUB staff for $100.

Nam said he attended the same ceremony last year and recalled it as memorable, saying he also looks forward to having a similar experience this year.

Request: $1,596.25

Granted: $1,596.25

Environmental Club

The Environmental Club is planning a party for the end of the quarter.

The club plans to celebrate what they did during school year and to promote future volunteer opportunities.

The requested mini-grant only covers the purchase of pizza from Domino’s.

Request: $47.99

Granted: $47.99

Filipino American Student Association (FASA)

The club is looking to buy uniform T-shirts for members, officers and advisers to create a community and promote the club, according to the club president.

The club plans to buy 21 long-sleeved shirts with a customized design from their latest shirt-designing contest.

The club president said most of the members from this year will be officers next year, therefore only members who will stay in the club next year can get the shirt.

Once purchased, members will wear it during volunteering activities and club events both on and off campus.

Request: $439.11

Granted: $439.11

International Club

Following the success of last year, the International Club is planning to have another potluck event at 2:30 p.m. on June 4.

According to Club President Tsz Tung Lau, they will be buying food and drinks from 10 different vendors, ranging from Thai restaurants to Taiwanese boba drink places. Vegetarian options will also be provided. Lau said they wish to provide a comfortable environment for members to learn about different cultures by sharing food.

The board extended their appreciation to the club adviser for buying food from 10 distinct restaurants.

Request: $500

Granted: $500

Japanese Culture Club

The club had two separate mini-grant requests:

First, the club wants to purchase T-shirts and sweaters for members and officers to show their appreciation. According to Damien Lim, one of the club representatives, it could help increase their exposure on campus.

The club will be using the design from last year’s T-shirt design contest and club officers will get hoodies or crew neck instead of T-shirts.

The entire order would consist of 30 T-shirts, 2 crewnecks (with one customized), and 6 hoodies (with 2 customized). The club intends to give the shirts and sweaters to graduating members before they leave.

Wu said allowing them to have that many customized options, especially for officers, would be unfair to other clubs who have also requested mini-grant for purchasing shirts.

The board and the club representatives eventually agreed to have 30 T-shirts for members and customized crewnecks for all the officers.

Request: $500

Granted: $434

For the club’s second grant request, the club is taking a trip to Tsubaki Grand Shrine for members to receive an authentic shrine experience and understand the culture of Shintoism.

The requested grant covers only the entry fee to the field — the transportation fee had already been approved from a previous board meeting

Request: $380

Granted: $380

By Frances Hui,
Political Editor