ASG in review: May 22, 2023

Jeffrey Shirts, News Editor

The Associated Student Government (ASG) is the voice of the student body. They run events and govern student clubs. ASG meets bi-weekly at 3 p.m. on Mondays in Room 1010. The next meeting is June 5, 2023.

Multicultural Center Meditation
The Multicultural Center asked for a mini-grant of $2,500 to bring in a meditation vendor. The vendor will do 11 meditation workshops for students and faculty as well as a one three day weekend retreat. The plan is to host the sessions during welcome week. If students miss a session they should be able to make it up later. The retreat is going to be online. For more information about these events contact the Multicultural Center.

Honors Student Council Study Session
The honors college submitted a mini-grant of $80 to help get snacks for a giant end of the year study session in the library as they have run out of the programs’ budget. The grant was approved by the ASG.

ASG Election Update
The election for the ASG president has ended. The results are that Lina Chung won with 103 votes. Everett Lockhart received 89 votes. Lina hopes to bring people of all walks of life together on campus.