ASG in Review – Vol 54 Issue 2, October 19, 2018

Krystelle Kurz

The Associated Student Government (ASG) typically holds meetings from 3-5 p.m. on the first and third Monday of every month. Students may attend if they would like to meet their representatives or voice an issue. In addition, students may meet with their representatives in the Student Life Office on the third floor of the PUB on most weekdays. Normally the meetings are held in the Boardroom of the 1000 Building. This was the first board meeting in this fiscal year. The next meeting will be on Oct. 29.


Thai Community Club

The club representative, Surapa Kongchan, and advisor, Kanchana Kularatne, want to recognize Thai culture on campus. The Thai community at SCC is small and they would like more acknowledgement. The club is hoping to make new Thai students feel welcomed and provide them the tools and resources in order to be successful.

They said that they want to expose SCC to more of Thai culture rather than just their food through teaching Thai language, traditional games and a greater understanding of their culture. The club is not Thai exclusive and encourages all students to join.


Adventure Builders Club

The Adventure Builder’s Club (ABC), alongside the International Student Club, wants to throw a Halloween party on Oct. 26, 6:00 – 9:00 pm. The International Student Club will be throwing a dance party and ABC will be hosting a maze. Andrew Jap, the club’s representative, mentioned that the party is for SCC students only and there will be a sign-in sheet to enforce that rule. They anticipate around 200 people for this event.

Around $1000 of the budget would be used to rent a photobooth for the event. They want students to come together and take photos and have fun. They requested money for supplies for the party. The money will also go to purchase ten $10 Amazon gift cards and for supplies from Office Depot such as cardboard, spray paint and balloons.

The Budget and Finance Officer, Ezekiel Park, asked if the club would use the baseline budget of $500 allocated to clubs for the party. There were concerns about whether the club would use all the money in their baseline budget or end up with a surplus at the end of the year and take away from the mini-grant fund for other clubs to use.

The representative for the ABC mentioned that they were planning to use the baseline budget for their Battle Royale event in the spring; however, they are willing to use part of that baseline budget for the party as a safety net. The club was granted their full request and kept their original budget baseline to use for their next event. ABC’s original requested was changed from $1693.89 to $1217.28 during the meeting.

Requested: $1217.28

Granted: $1217.28