ASG in Review – Vol 54 Issue 13, May 17, 2019

Travis Tribble

The Associated Student Government (ASG) typically holds meetings from 3-5 p.m. every other Monday in the Boardroom of the 1000 Building. The third meeting of the quarter was on May 13 in Rm. 9201. Students may attend if they would like to meet their representatives or voice an issue. In addition, students may also meet with their representatives in the Student Life Office on the third floor of the PUB on most weekdays. The next meeting will be held on May 27.


Mahjong Club

Mahjong is a tile-based game that was developed in China during the Qing Dynasty. The game is significantly popular in China and the aim of this club would be to spread the popularity to America. The game normally involves gambling but no gambling will be done during teaching sessions or when it’s played on campus.

Official Election Results

The 2019 ASG presidential elections began immediately following the open forum on April 30 and closed May 10. Out of the 262 votes received, Isaac Tchao received 209 votes and Seth Zeldenrust received 53 votes. No complaints were received during or following the election period. The new ASG president is Issac Tchao.

Mini Grants

Honors Student Council

The Honors College is hosting a graduation dinner to celebrate the end of the year and to honor graduating and commencing students. This event is open to friends and families of the students who are invited, and will be hosted in the Quiet Dining Room. The funds will go towards decorations.

Requested: $130.90
Granted: $130.90

The Honors Student Council had another request: funding a photo booth from The SnapBar.

The SnapBar’s policy only allows payment after the event, and since the graduation dinner is held after the final day to use any ASG funds, the request was denied.

The ASG members recommended that the Honors Council use the Photo Club and other on campus resources instead of the photo booth.

Requested: $1,200
Granted: $0

CEO Community Club

The Career Education and Opportunity (CEO) Community Club is a new club that will put together an end-of-the-quarter class party to celebrate the achievements of the newest CEO students in two seperate classes. They requested funds for snacks at their club meetings throughout next quarter.

Requested: $402.00
Granted: $402.00

Anime Club

The Anime club accidentally went over budget due to an online subscription that was automatically renewed. The request was for money to continue providing food and films for the rest of the quarter. Director of Student Leadership and Residential Life, Sundi Musnicki, pointed out that it is important to obtain the rights of a film before screening it on campus and offered advice on how to work that out so they may show films in the future.

Requested: $211
Granted: $200


This mini grant was to cover the cost of graduation ceremonies for the six-quarter nursing students who started in fall 2017. The event will be held in the PUB’s Main Dining Room with approximately 32 graduates and 200 in attendance.

Requested: $383.03
Granted: $383.03

Hiking Club

The Hiking Club requested funds to hike in the Mountain Loop Highway area. The club plans on camping, teaching fellow hikers how to set up a tent, cook outdoors and a number of other skills that are required to be an outdoorsman. They wanted to purchase tents and sleeping bags that would be used in the future for t similar events.

Requestied: $873.36
Granted: $873.36

Computer Science Club

The Computer Science Club want to take a field trip to the Living Computer Museum and observe how vintage computers are made, as well as hosting  a lunch social. The ASG recommended that they use their baseline budget to cover the remaining cost.

Requested: $370
Granted: $314