ASG In Review — April 30, 2020

Juan Páez

The Associated Student Government (ASG) is holding board meetings through Zoom for the rest of the spring quarter. As usual, meetings are held every other monday, and students are welcome to join to voice concerns or speak to their representatives. This meeting was held on April 27. The next meeting will be held on May 11. Budget and Finance Officer Krizzia Sunio ended the meeting by giving ASG’s mini grant budget report: $53,419.75 out of $75,000 for the year.

Mini Grants

Sno Webhost Services

The Ebbtide requested funds for a new hosting service, as their current setup, according to advisor Vanessa McVay, is inadequate to the digital needs of the paper. The fee requested would have also covered training for staff. 

However, Budget and Finance Officer Sunio suggested The Ebbtide use part of their remaining budget balance to pay for the new hosting service. McVay had previously noted The Ebbtide is expected to run under budget this year.

The Board agreed to table the mini grant request to discuss it in the next meeting if necessary. They also offered to help McVay navigate the financial processes needed to use money from The Ebbtide’s remaining budget to pay for the new service.

Requested: $1,300
Granted: $0