ASG in Review: May 10, 2021

Kirk Meyers, News Editor

The Associated Student Government holds board meetings via Zoom every other Monday. Students are welcome to join and voice concerns or speak to their representatives. The latest meeting was held May 10.

New Business

Mini Grants

Budget and Finance Officer Nathan Sidik began the meeting by giving ASG’s mini grant report: $17,518.10 out of $25,000 of the budget remains for the quarter.

Spindrift Journal 2021: Amendment

Spindrift is a student-run art and literary journal that has encouraged and promoted the artistic expression of students and faculty since 1966. A print edition of the journal will be available early June with a limited run of 200 copies.

ASG previously approved $4206.90 in funds requested by Spindrift managing editor Tim Holsopple for the print edition on April 26.

During the May 10 meeting, Holsopple requested an additional $350 in funds. ASG voted to increase the amount of funding to $4556.90.

Honors Student Council Care Packages

The Honors Program is preparing to send out spring quarter care packages to Honors students in coordination with the International Education Department. The packages are intended to boost student spirit during the pandemic and will include snacks and activities.

Mashaal Shameem requested funds for the care packages on behalf of the Honors Student Council. ASG approved the full amount of $620.02.

The next ASG meeting is scheduled for May 24.