A Student’s Guide to Mini Grants

What they’re for and how they enhance your college experience


Graphic: Anna Ramsey / The Ebbtide

Sean Moran, Staff Writer

SCC has allocated $100,000 to the college’s mini grant fund for 2021. Let’s focus on what that money is for and how you can use it.

One of ASG’s key responsibilities is the management of mini grants: funds set aside for student clubs and programs that exceed their initial budgets.

Services & Activities

The largest student fee at SCC is Services & Activities. The S&A fee funds all programs that fall under student life; including support programs, clubs, athletics and the Multicultural Center.

In December, programs must submit funding requests for the following fiscal year based on predicted expenditures and past budgets. It is the responsibility of the S&A committee to allocate the appropriate funds to every student program. In some cases, these budgets are not enough to cover club and program expenses.

Mini Grants and Student Clubs

A great way to enhance your out-of-classroom experience is to join a club. All student clubs receive a baseline budget of $500. A student club or program can apply for a mini grant if they are in need of additional funding.

To request a mini grant, a club must first submit an application to ASG for review. From there, a club representative presents a grant proposal to the ASG board at a virtual meeting. The board then votes to approve or decline the request.

There are no limits on the amount of money clubs or programs can request from the fund. Mini grants have supported student programs that have suffered budget cuts, sent students on cross-country field trips and empowered clubs to complete projects and host community events.

Students who wish to start their own club must fill out a new club request packet and connect with Student Life Program Manager Caela Smith at [email protected]. Clubs require a minimum of five student members.

Aspiring clubs also need to present a proposal to ASG. Upon approval, club members will receive training from SCC and a baseline budget of $500. Any additional funding requests will follow the mini grant procedure.

Infographic explaining mini grants.
The mini grant umbrella. Anna Ramsey / The Ebbtide

College Assistance

On Oct. 27, The Ebbtide spoke with Smith for additional information about mini grants. Smith supervises the Arts & Entertainment board, oversees student programs and supports ASG; all of which fall under the mini grant umbrella.

In the last 10 years, Smith has seen the annual mini grant fund fluctuate from $30,000 to $100,000. In years past, SCC has allocated tens of thousands of dollars to compensate for unforeseen spikes in funding requests.

“One year, we had to supplement the overall club budget for baseline funds and advisor stipends because we had way more clubs all of a sudden — like 60 clubs,” Smith said.

SCC ensured that the mini grant fund was well-endowed for 2021, as COVID-19 clouded the expectations for student programs’ fiscal needs.

“This year and last year with COVID, we don’t really know what clubs or programs will be able to do in winter and spring,” Smith said, “so we made sure the mini grant fund had extra funds available in case we do large scale events or travel.”

At the end of the year, remaining funds are deposited into a reserve account that can be accessed through Board of Trustees approval.

Get Involved

As SCC navigates the tail end of the COVID-19 pandemic, students should take advantage of this opportunity to join or start a club. The mini grant fund is dedicated to supporting student life, but the pandemic eliminated any chance to build in-person relationships.

The 2021 academic year is a great opportunity to step out of your comfort zone — so try something you’ve always wanted to do and join or start your own club at SCC. The funds are available.