Now or Never: Make the Most of Your College Experience

How to get involved in college life this quarter

Rose Emmons, Staff Writer

The first day, week or even month of fall quarter can be enough to send any new student into a tizzy; but students who are returning to in-person classes for the first time may feel especially nervous about what life will be like this school year.

A great way to ease those first quarter jitters is to get involved with the SCC community.
In an interview with The Ebbtide, SCC’s Students, Equity & Success Program Manager Caela Smith introduced a few ways newcomers can get their foot in the door.

A Valuable Experience

As a painfully shy SCC student at the age of 16, Smith would commute to class and then leave as soon as class ended.
During her final year at the college, Smith decided to join the Associated Student Government on a whim, which — despite being totally out of her comfort zone — introduced her to an entire network of people she still knows to this day.

Smith’s positive encounter shifted her direction and led to other job opportunities that brought her to her current position.

“I encourage students to take that first awkward, uncomfortable step of getting involved and then see how you feel because everyone kind of feels like we are the only one who feels awkward coming to something,” Smith said.

Social Media

Social media is the best way to stay informed about campus activities. You can follow Student Life on Facebook and Instagram.

Another resource is Student Life’s 2021 Survival Guide, which contains information about clubs, sports, tutoring, employment opportunities and more. The virtual document features clickable links with more details.

Arts & Entertainment Events

SCC’s A&E board focuses on the organization of school-related events. While COVID-19 has recently limited such events to Instagram scavenger hunts and virtual talent shows, in-person functions are slowly making a return: For example, the board was behind the school’s Welcome Week, where students were invited to tie-dye face masks.

Online engagement isn’t going away anytime soon, though, and can be ideal for students not yet ready for face-to-face interaction or for those with busy schedules. The A&E board regularly hosts Zoom meetings where participants can join trivia games and polls through the website Kahoot.

Around the corner is Inktober, a workshop where participants can learn inking techniques from an art professor. The workshop will be held in person on Oct. 21 and virtually on Nov. 4. Those who sign up for the virtual session will be mailed supplies and meet via Zoom.

Volunteer Opportunities

ASG’s civic and community service group plans to host volunteer opportunities at least once a month in conjunction with the school’s Benefits Hub. Events will include food drives, campus garden cleanups and blanket-making workshops for charity.

“I think we see that when students are engaged, it can help them do better in their classes and avoid burnout in school,” Smith said. “It also helps students academically, because they are getting valuable skills and experience or even things that they can put on their resume.”

There’s something for everyone at SCC — all you need to do is put yourself out there.