Word on the Street: “What’s your strangest holiday experience or meal?”

*Some of these answers have been paraphrased by the reporters.*


“When I was 15, I was homeless and was invited to a reservation get-together. We had fry-bread and venison. It was weird, but my friend supported the meaning behind Thanksgiving.” – Matthew Fain






“In Indonesia, we don’t really have any holidays like Thanksgiving. This will be my first one.” – Kevin Suteja









“Yams with marshmallows.” – Rachel Burnett






“Halloween snacks. I’ve never eaten them before and I had one pumpkin-popcorn like snack. It was not good.”





“Last Thanksgiving, I was driving on the freeway, late to dinner and my car just started to stop in the middle of the freeway, so I pulled over to the side. I tried to flag someone down and this creepy guy stops near me and asks if I need help. He asks me all these questions about my religion and I just ran back to my car and called my Dad for help.” – Mariam Faal