The Ebbtide

More than 80 couples join the mass wedding at Mandaue City, Cebu. A lot of couples avail of mass weddings because it is cheaper as it is usually sponsored by the city government like this one here. (Cheryl Baldicantos)

Love: A Universal Language

Natasha Sidik February 20, 2019

WORLDWIDE VALENTINE TRADITIONS Whether you are in a committed relationship or not, the history and diverse cultures of Valentine’s Day may still be something you’d be interested in. The name...

Shrinking Demographic: SCCs Diversity at Risk

Shrinking Demographic: SCC’s Diversity at Risk

Shari Sung January 19, 2019

UNDERSTANDING THE RECENT DECLINE OF INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS Owing to its high-quality education system, diverse culture and relatively open labor market, the United States has always been one of the...

International Education in the Shadow of 2016 Election

International Education in the Shadow of 2016 Election

Elliot Raven December 3, 2018

STUDENTS' PERSPECTIVE ON STUDYING IN AMERICA In the fall of 2017, ASG President Denish Oleke left Uganda to study at SCC. He began his first quarter as a computer-science major, shivering under...

International Insights

Shari Sung November 21, 2018

WHAT IT'S LIKE TO LIVE IN A HOMESTAY In my own experience, studying abroad can be absolutely terrifying. International students have to adjust to cultural differences and overcome language barriers all...

Word on the Street: “What’s your strangest holiday experience or meal?”

*Some of these answers have been paraphrased by the reporters.*   “When I was 15, I was homeless and was invited to a reservation get-together. We had fry-bread and venison. It was weird, but...

Future interstellar colonizer: Harry Phan. PHOTO BY: Nick Molsee.

SCC’s Very Own Rocket Man

Tobias Hope-Young October 6, 2018

FROM VIETNAM TO WASHINGTON. NEXT STOP, SPACE. Harry Phan wants to build a spaceship for interstellar colonization. He says he’s not at the construction phase yet, but he’s making progress, taking...

From Libya to Liberation

From Libya to Liberation

Celeste Boudreaux October 6, 2018

BRAVE GIRL IN THE MIDST OF CIVIL WAR As a Muslim girl, Yara Buker has only worn a hijab once in her life: when she was under threat of being killed. Buker grew up in Benghazi, Libya, for 19 years,...

Making Home Away From Home

April 21, 2018

SECRET SUCCESSES OF THE INTERNATIONAL PEER MENTORS Go ask an international student if they know what the International Peer Mentors (IPMs) are and almost 100 percent of them would certainly answer...

Dating Across Cultures

March 20, 2018

THE COMMUNICATION STRUGGLE IS REAL A while back, one of my American friends texted me on Messenger and said, “Seriously, I really like you.” I was puzzled and thought, “Does he mean he likes...

Best of Both Worlds

Best of Both Worlds

March 20, 2018

4.0 ATHLETE'S SECRET TO SUCCESS Upon opening the door to the gym, you’ll find three pictures hanging on the wall to represent SCC’s student athletes with the highest individual GPAs. Qin...

Border Insecurity

Border Insecurity

March 13, 2018

SCC STUDENT DETAINED BY ICE When international student Jungeun “Rachel” Kim re-entered the U.S. from Canada in January, she had what she thought was an easy mission: to get her student status...

Far From Home, Making a New One

February 20, 2018

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ADJUST TO LIFE ABROAD Where were you at 17? Perhaps your answer involves being in high school, arguing with your parents over chores or playing video games in your room at home....

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