Case of the Looming Figure

Solving the mystery of the figure in the window. You know which one.


Jeff Shirts

the cutout in the window of the dorms

Jeffrey Shirts, Staff Writer

As you walk across the visitor parking lot, across from the main bus stop for SCC, you notice a cardboard cutout of a man ominously staring out the window, as if looking for someone who is not there. You can’t make out who the cardboard cutout is. Who put it there and… why? SCC students and employees have this question each and every day as his eyes pierce their souls in transit.

The cardboard man’s name is Niall Horan and he is a singer-songwriter and a former member of the band One Direction. His presence on campus is because of Kristina Pearce, a student.

“I did it because he’s iconic.” Pearce said, when asked why she placed the cutout in the dorm. She loves One Direction, calling it “the biggest boy band on the planet,” so when she got this very expensive cutout from England, she needed to share it.

Pearce does not live in the dorms, but her friends do. In an act of good fun, her friends decided to allow her to put up the cutout in their dorm room window so that everyone passing by could witness it.

And witness it, we have. It seems like he’s seen us, too.