The Ebbtide

Trans 101: Gender Identity

April 25, 2016

By Eva Guarnero From the moment we are born, we are taught that there are two sides of this world: Male and female. The reality, however, is not so simple. Research into the psychological and biological aspects of gender have shed some light on what actually constitutes “gender” and how we constr...

Tragedy of cheating on a timed online quiz

April 24, 2016

By Adelia Sindunata It was Sunday evening, and I was swamped with homework. I was scrolling through my Canvas page when suddenly I realized there was something in my to-do-list. “Turn in Quiz 8: Content from Week 8.” Crap! Another thing to be done? Even worse, it was due at 8 a.m. the next day, w...

Trump walks an old racist path with comments

April 24, 2016

By Eva Guarnero Donald Trump has promised that if he is elected president, he will “open up” libel laws to make it easier to sue the press. He feels that media outlets like the New York Times and The Washington Post are intentionally writing false and negative pieces about him, and hopes to make...

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