Scholarships: There’s an App for That – The Helpful and the hurtful in land of financial aid

By Ilona Kinnear

It’s a hard thing, finding the right scholarships and grants and whatnot to help make going to college more financially viable. There is so much effort that goes into searching up scholarships that fit your qualifications, which is why I decided to look up an app for that.

There is literally an app for everything you can possibly think of, and scholarships are no exception. I found four that looked good to me and I will be ranking them by interface aesthetic, user friendliness, and results. Without further ado:


This app was actually featured on “Shark Tank” and turned out to be a real hit. I’d rank it a ten on everything. It looks up-to-date, flows nicely and responds well to the touch. It’s stylistically pleasing and gives you plenty of options to narrow down your search. I got matched with a ton of scholarships already and they are ordered by the day they are due.

The only downside to this app is that even though the initial download is free, you have to pay a whopping fee of $2.99 to “keep the lights on.” That’s a whole, like, half a lunch from Lancer’s or something. I could have eaten, like, half a burrito. And what do I get in return? Only possibly a financially stable college career and perhaps being able to get out of here student debt-free? Well, better look at our other options, man.


I think this app’s name is trying too hard to sound hip and rad. But it is free, so that’s a plus. This app is limited to what scholarships you can find yourself. First, you enter all your information, as is the norm, and it acts as an aid to find colleges after which you can then find scholarships applicable to that college.

Interface and usability is all modern and smooth. Finding the right college for you and giving you statistics about that school is a nice bonus. I’d definitely recommend this one for y’all to look at, yo.

No Essay Scholarships

Oh, phew, right when I thought I needed to put in more effort to get free money. This app sure seems like a lifesaver.

But when you first open it up, the interface is out of date and not popping like the previous apps. The touch is less responsive and laggy and can get really frustrating. But if you are patient, you can get through.

It’s free and useful if you’re lazy.

Oh, shit, never mind, you gotta pay $20 a month… damn…

First impressions on this one. The interface looks similar to the previous entry, but this one is really free. And the way you match with scholarships is similar to the first two. But the app itself looks and feels like it was made a decade ago and hasn’t been updated since.

The interface aesthetic is dull and boring and the user friendliness is laughable, making me fall asleep, and there are a few sponsored scholarships at the top of your results list, which has me asking questions. So if you want my opinion, stick with the first two.