A&E Calendar – Vol 54 Issue 10, March 15, 2019

Nova Clark

Instrumental Juries

10:30-11:45 a.m., March 19; Rm. 818 (Music Building)

Hard work pays off — and you can witness this age-old mantra take on a musical context when SCC’s instrumental music students unite for one last showcase before the quarter comes to an end. A jury of designated professors will be looking on in an effort to gage their pupils’ improvement in this afternoon of melody.

Vocal Juries

12:30-3:30 p.m., March 19; Rm. 818 (Music Building)

Bearing a similar format as the instrumental juries, its vocal counterpart will feature SCC’s skillful singers as they present quarter-end repertoire to an audience of peers and instructors alike. Attend this event to witness the solo performances of these students; a perfect opportunity to support your peers and hear a sampling of great tunes in the process.

Arts, Film and Music Info Session

4-6 p.m., March 19; Rm. 9208

Are you interested in a potential career path in the arts? If so, this event is dedicated to you. Here, SCC faculty will be at your disposal to answer any and all questions about the field in an effort to help guide your aspirations toward reality. Art-inclined students will get the chance to learn more about college transfer ideas in the realm of film, theatre, music technology and similar programs.

Vocal Class Recital

7-9:30 p.m., March 19; Rm. 818 (Music Building)

This evening, the dedicated students of the SCC’s voice class band together for a final performance in the choir room. Unlike the “juries” of privately-trained students, some members of this class have had little or no experience performing in front of a crowd, making the need for moral support in the audience this evening extra crucial.