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All For Nothing

WHERE TEXTBOOKS FALL SHORT With a new quarter in full swing, an old problem may be facing students — and it comes in the form of a textbook. The pattern is familiar: Instructors will list required reading in the syllabus, and it will be purchased only to be returned later on. As a result, textbooks…


“We’ve Had Enough!”

SCC was ablaze with passionate speakers and enthusiastic crowds as underpaid faculty and staff cried “no more!” The failure of Washington state to tax the rich and properly fund higher education came to a head on April 16, 2019 when nine community and technical colleges (CTCs) in the Seattle area held staff and student walkouts….


Lack of Transparency at SCC Budget Meeting

FACULTY RAISES MAJOR CONCERNS SCC officials recently held a meeting and an open forum in order to address the school’s budget and uphold transparency with its faculty and employees. SCC President Cheryl Roberts, acting Vice-President of Student Learning Bayta Maring, and Chief Financial Officer and Senior Executive Director Stuart Trippel were among the administrators to…

You Can Take it to the Bank

TAILS OF A TEST TUBE BABY In almost every sense of the phrase, I am an only child. I grew up in a two-person household. I never had to share my toys, but also never had anyone to play with growing up. I also have over two dozen siblings. I am one of the oldest…


Ebbtide Eats: Cafes in Shoreline

The smell of fresh grounds is a well-loved scent in the city of Seattle, where coffee shops seem to hide in every corner. Compared to the bustling Greater Seattle area, Shoreline’s cafe scene may not offer as much variation compared to its neighboring metropolitan city, but the few that are here provide something different than…


Northern Exposure

A TWO-DAY VANCOUVER GETAWAY As an international student, I remember how surprised I was when I discovered that it only takes three hours to drive from Seattle to Canada. I soon ventured to Vancouver, British Columbia (BC) for a two-day trip for the time during last winter break, and I fell in love with the…


Crime Updated

SCC STUDENT ABDUCTED, RETURNED SAFELY A student at SCC was allegedly abducted from campus on Dec. 11. Shoreline Police have classified the incident as domestic violence. The victim, 18, was allegedly forced into a vehicle belonging to a former boyfriend, Gustavo Adolfo Martinez Guardado, according to an SCC Safety and Security report. Another student attempted…


Shrinking Demographic: SCC’s Diversity at Risk

UNDERSTANDING THE RECENT DECLINE OF INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS Owing to its high-quality education system, diverse culture and relatively open labor market, the United States has always been one of the top destinations for international students. The U.S. hosts the most international students of any country worldwide. Hosting international students helps boost the U.S. economy. The Association…


SCC’s Short Story Winner

ASPIRING SCREENWRITER GETS IN TUNE WITH HIS PAST What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “Crossing Borders?” That was what SCC’s recent short story contest asked the campus to write about, and according to the judges, author Duncan Star-Boszko had the answer. The contest was announced mid-November in the spirit of National Novel…

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