ASG in Review – Vol 54 Issue 7, February 1, 2019

Travis Tribble

The Associated Student Government (ASG) typically holds meetings from 3-5 p.m. every other Monday in the Boardroom of the 1000 Building. This meeting was on Jan. 28, and was the second meeting of winter quarter. Students may attend if they would like to meet their representatives or voice an issue. In addition, students may meet with their representatives in the Student Life Office on the third floor of the PUB on most weekdays. The next meeting will be held on Feb. 11.



A student talked about the goal of the UNICEF Club, which is to advocate for the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund through volunteering and fundraising. The activities will be held during the day time on weekends.

Sustainability Officer Brian Tansil voiced concerns regarding proof that the money raised through fundraising would go to UNICEF. The student representative for the club said that they would acquire proof after donating the money.

Vietnamese Students Association

This new club hopes to spread the culture of Vietnam through its traditions, myths, holidays music and games. A version of this club existed in previous years but was unofficial. By becoming official they want to collaborate with other clubs to celebrate traditional Vietnamese holidays and festivals.

Government Affairs Officer Ronald Widjaja asked if they would be having a global showcase and the answer was a definite yes. The club was approved unanimously. They plan to hold meetings weekly.


Arts and Entertainment Board

The Arts and Entertainment Board requested $539.77 for a coed pageant to be held Feb. 14 in the theater. The funds are for winning prizes, food and decorations.

There was some financial contention after Sustainability Officer Brian Tansil calculated that the  total amount was $44 more than the itemized amount. The Affairs officer estimated they were requesting $30 less than needed. Laughter ensued, as calculators were ablaze for a while before the final figure was agreed upon, after it was pointed out that food and gift cards are not taxed.

The mini-grant was approved at the amended amount.

Requested: $539.77
Granted: $471.31

Arts and Entertainment Board

The next request from the Arts and Entertainment Board was $310.34 for the Talent Show set to occur Jan 31. in the PUB. Since the food and gift cards are not taxed, the amount was decreased. The mini-grant was approved at the amended amount.

Requested: $310.34
Granted: $298.04

The Japanese Culture Club

The Japanese Culture Club requested $490.00 for club t-shirts and sweaters for their members to wear to promote their club.

The ASG was concerned that the amount was excessive for an unsustainable form of advertising. They suggested that they decrease the quantity of t-shirts and give them to prospective members at Japanese Culture Club events. They also told the club not to be discouraged by the disapproval of the board but to make a more clearly defined goal and come back for another request.

Requested: $490.00
Granted: $0

Chinese Culture Club

The fifth annual Winter Ball is being held by the Chinese Cultural Club again this year and they have requested funds to host, feed, decorate and hire security for this notoriously large event. Part of the previous proposal they laid out was unclear: they were unsure if there would be left-over money, but if there was, they planned to hire a DJ.

The board decided that since this part of their budget was not clear they would amend the amount requested, asking the club to use half of their current budget balance.

The Winter Ball will be held from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Feb. 22 in the main dining hall. The amended amount was approved.

Requested: $4,576.67
Granted: $4,316.67

VCT Club

Robin Oliver, president of the Visual Communication Technology Club, says they are planning an off campus graphic design show that will publicize work done by SCC students.

This show recruits students to SCC’s graphic design program and helps current students get exposure to professionals in the industry. She also secured a free slot at Shoreline City Hall, as opposed to the downtown Seattle venue for which they used to pay $500 per event.

After it was determined that the department’s baseline budget was to be used on printing, the mini-grant was approved.

Requested: $2,500.00
Granted: $2,500.00

Anime Club

A project for students to learn what anime culture is all about was proposed to the ASG. The proposal included a Q&A competition, cosplay competition, song guessing game, anime video games and a lucky drawing.

The amount they were requesting was less than they had in their baseline budget for the club. The council encouraged them to use the money that they currently have first, and if they find they need more they can submit another mini-grant request.

Requested: $405.50
Granted: $0