Word on the street: What have you always wondered about campus?

By Lydia Tam & Aaron Meliza

What have you always wondered about campus?

Bo Bunphoath

“I know there are free condoms, but why is there no magnum? I’m just asking for a friend.”

– Bo Bunphoath

Fiona Troth

“Why isn’t it called the SUB? ‘Student Union Building’”

– Fiona Troth

Evelyn Mahasin

“Will the soccer field be changed to a dorm? I haven’t heard from them about it.”

– Evelyn Mahasin

Kaelyn Barnes

“Why did they take out mac and cheese from the cafeteria?”

– Kaelyn Barnes

Alain Nshimirimana

Why don’t they sell books on campus?

– Alain Nshimirimana


  1. It would be really cool if students could ask these questions and then they could be answered by the Faculty and Staff. That way, everyone would know the answers and the students would have a place to ask things they are wondering.

    1. That is a great idea! I will bring this up to our staff. If you have any more suggestions, you can always talk to us at our meetings on Monday from 4-6pm

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