ASG in Review – Vol 53 Issue 3, Nov. 3, 2017

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The Associated Student Government (ASG) has meetings the first and third Monday of every month. If students would like to meet their representatives or voice an issue, they may attend. Meetings are held from 3-5 p.m. The next meeting is 3p.m., Monday, Nov. 13 in the Board Room in the 1000 Building.

Mini Grants:

Hiking Club

The Hiking Club requested a mini-grant of $1,550 for a “deluxe motor coach” to take a maximum of 55 people, including 2 chaperones, to Ebey’s Landing, a hiking location an hour and a half away from campus. The Hiking Club plans a hiking date once every quarter for its members.

The club plans to spend their baseline club budget on food and drink for the meet and greet that will occur one week before the hike; they will also spend money on snacks for those who attend the hike. This leaves them with a baseline amount that is not enough for a bus.

Communications Officer Gary Wu asked the representative why they decided to rent a deluxe motor coach instead of taking a regular school bus. The representative explained that it would provide students with safety and possibly a restroom.

Vice President Nam Pham showed his unwillingness to give out this amount of money to future hiking events from the club.

“I confirm the amount for this hike, but the club should consider cutting the budget in the future,” Pham said.

Requested: $1,550
Granted: $1,550

Club Recognition:

Werewolves Club

After being absent from the last meeting, the Werewolves Club was recognized this time with the presence of representative Xiaohu Shangguan.

Shangguan said “Were-wolves” is a board game that needs a large amount of players. He said that the group’s purpose is to gather students with the same interest. The club will focus on “Were-wolves” only, and not other board games, since they will be keeping a ranking of players.

Shangguan said the club gives students a chance to play the game, make new friends and experience diversity through playing with people from different cultures.

There have been 40 people who signed up for the club and 15 showed up in their first meeting, which was a good start, said ASG President Yorin Anggari.

Filipino-American Student Association

The Filipino-American Student Association was represented by ASG Budget & Finance Officer Toni Zapanta. Zapanta said she wanted more recognition for Filipino- Americans, since there hasn’t been much attention towards the community.

So far, the club’s only plans are to host cooking contests and hold events in celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander month. They also plan to merge with the Pacific Islander Club in the future.

Clubs Affairs Officer Fatoumata Jammeh said, “This (club) is a wonderful idea, it will make Filipino students feel more welcome.”

The club will meet from 12:30-1:30 p.m. on Fridays, in Room 115. Due to school closure next Friday, the meeting will be on Thursday, Nov. 9 at the same time and place.

Ultimate Frisbee Club

The representative of the club believes the sport has not yet had much recognition, which motivated him to start this club.

He described the sport as “a mix of football and soccer,” which is usually played on a football field.

When asked about how weather elements might impact the club’s operation, the representative said that this was a “year-round sport.”

“I won’t stop the club’s meetings for rain, but I would if there is heavy snow,” he said.

The ASG asked the representative whether he was going to expand this club and create a team to compete with other schools, to which he responded that for now, he would focus more on getting recognized and drawing attention from students, but he hoped that the club will get to that level of success.

Anggari said she thought that this club was a great way to represent ultimate frisbee more, and the club was recognized.

-Khanh Dinh