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To Vote or Not to Vote?

YOU WILL DECIDE THE RESULTS OF THE MIDTERM ELECTIONS Blue and red signs popping up on every corner makes voting season hard to miss. America’s current political climate is divided by controversial discussions and issues, resulting in the problem that the U.S. democratic system faces each year: getting its citizenry to vote. In contrast to…


Taking the Initiative

HOW WILL YOU VOTE ON LOCAL ISSUES? In Washington state, voters have the opportunity to affect our policies on greenhouse gases, firearm safety protections and law enforcement standards on deadly force through a series of initiatives. There is a huge amount of money pouring into these campaigns, leading to a lot of advertising aimed to…

Deceptive Elective

WHEN MONEY MEETS POLITICS You know those flyers that sometimes show up in your mailbox around election time? Have you ever wondered if they were fake? Elections bring advertisements. They also bring out the use of sly tactics. It’s a game, and the weapon is money. But it’s not a game: this is our future….


Sears, Skateboards and Student Services

CANDIDATES HAVE THEIR SAY One candidate wants to improve the shuttles, another wants to negotiate with a nonexistent Sears over parking space and the third wants to add skateboards to campus life. The associated student government (ASG) presidency is down to the three candidates: Brian Tansil, Denish Oleke and Long Thanh “Harry” Phan, each of…

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

FACT-CHECKING THE CANDIDATES “I would definitely vote for him because he looks better than other candidates.” “I won’t vote for this guy because I have talked to him before and he is just a socially awkward person.” I am so done with this shit. For those who supported Hillary Clinton, if I said I didn’t…


Presidential Profiles

GEARING UP FOR ASG ELECTIONS Put on your democracy hats, Phins. It’s that time of year again. Students will have a chance to vote in the annual Associated Student Government (ASG) presidential election from April 25 to May 9. Students, as the only body of SCC able to vote in this election, are encouraged to…

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