The Ebbtide

Political Climate Change

Political Climate Change

Forrest Baum March 16, 2019

HEATING UP THE RACE FOR PRESIDENCY Governor Jay Inslee has joined the crowded Democratic field running for president in 2020. Despite the odds, his choice to run on a platform of fighting climate...

Walling Off Hate

Travis Tribble March 4, 2019

THE FOUNDATION OF A FABRICATED NATIONAL EMERGENCY Disclaimer: This article contains descriptions of graphic content. There is a fence outside my parent’s house that has “Fuck Mexicans” spray...

Home Safe Home?

Teshan Laucirica February 20, 2019

PROTECTING WOMEN SHOULD BE A PRIORITY It is estimated that one in five women will experience sexual assault or rape during their college years, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). While...

It’s Good To Be Hated

It’s Good To Be Hated

CJ Priebe January 19, 2019

THE CONGRESSWOMAN WHO KICKED THE HORNET'S NEST Maybe you’ve heard of her, maybe you haven’t yet; either way, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) has come under fire as a new member of Congress. She’s...

International Education in the Shadow of 2016 Election

International Education in the Shadow of 2016 Election

Elliot Raven December 3, 2018

STUDENTS' PERSPECTIVE ON STUDYING IN AMERICA In the fall of 2017, ASG President Denish Oleke left Uganda to study at SCC. He began his first quarter as a computer-science major, shivering under...

To Vote or Not to Vote?

To Vote or Not to Vote?

Natasha Sidik November 4, 2018

YOU WILL DECIDE THE RESULTS OF THE MIDTERM ELECTIONS Blue and red signs popping up on every corner makes voting season hard to miss. America’s current political climate is divided by controversial...

Competing viewpoints on Shoreline Proposition 1. PHOTO BY: Forrest Baum

Taking the Initiative

Forrest Baum November 4, 2018

HOW WILL YOU VOTE ON LOCAL ISSUES? In Washington state, voters have the opportunity to affect our policies on greenhouse gases, firearm safety protections and law enforcement standards on deadly force...

Defined Out of Existence

Krystelle Kurz November 4, 2018

WHITE HOUSE MEMO UPSETS TRANSGENDER COMMUNIT The identity of transgender people is at risk of erasure in the eyes of the government. The New York Times released on Oct. 21 a memo from the Department...

Pocket-sized Politics

IT'S NEWS FOR YOUR EARS Everyone desires something slightly different in their news source. You might follow it just in passing or be dedicated to a particular journalist or devoted to a specific...

Deceptive Elective

CJ Priebe November 2, 2018

WHEN MONEY MEETS POLITICS You know those flyers that sometimes show up in your mailbox around election time? Have you ever wondered if they were fake? Elections bring advertisements. They also bring...

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally - Tacomas Mayor Comes to Campus

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally – Tacoma’s Mayor Comes to Campus

November 13, 2017

The mayor of Tacoma, who is certainly not the tallest mayor in Washington, looked her podium up and down, and smiled. “The world is made for men who are six feet tall,” she declared, and her audience...

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