The Ebbtide

Fake It to Make It

Aaron Shore April 24, 2019

HIGHER EDUCATION SELLS OUT TO HOLLYWOOD In perhaps one of the most jaw-dropping events to kick off 2019, millions of Americans were left stunned when, on March 12, it was reported that actresses Felicity...

Renting a Risk

Tobias Hope-Young February 20, 2019

PITFALLS TO BIKE SHARES You can find them sprawled across lawns in the suburbs or on street corners in the cities. They are bikes without homes, and they present a multitude of safety and legal issues. These...

Harrass (Not) Meant

Travis Tribble February 20, 2019

THE BLURRED LINE BETWEEN FLIRTING AND HURTING Some pitfalls to flirting can come from knowing the line between charming and creepy. Cupid's arrow claimed many hearts this Valentine’s Day and romance...

International Education in the Shadow of 2016 Election

International Education in the Shadow of 2016 Election

Elliot Raven December 3, 2018

STUDENTS' PERSPECTIVE ON STUDYING IN AMERICA In the fall of 2017, ASG President Denish Oleke left Uganda to study at SCC. He began his first quarter as a computer-science major, shivering under...

Competing viewpoints on Shoreline Proposition 1. PHOTO BY: Forrest Baum

Taking the Initiative

Forrest Baum November 4, 2018

HOW WILL YOU VOTE ON LOCAL ISSUES? In Washington state, voters have the opportunity to affect our policies on greenhouse gases, firearm safety protections and law enforcement standards on deadly force...

Defined Out of Existence

Krystelle Kurz November 4, 2018

WHITE HOUSE MEMO UPSETS TRANSGENDER COMMUNIT The identity of transgender people is at risk of erasure in the eyes of the government. The New York Times released on Oct. 21 a memo from the Department...

Where is the Line?

Where is the Line?

CJ Priebe June 22, 2018

UPHOLDING FREE SPEECH WITHIN COMMUNITY STANDARDS On Monday, June 4, a man on campus used a large sign with harsh language on it to denounce Islam directly in front of the PUB. A number of classrooms...

Trading on Education

CJ Priebe June 22, 2018

A CHANGE IN POLICY FOR LIBERAL ARTS The nature of community college education is being questioned on a national scale. In January’s State of the Union Address, President Donald Trump put an emphasis...

Sign on the door of the new lactation room.

Pumping Privacy

June 9, 2018

A WIN FOR NURSING MOTHERS A new temporary lactation room has been set up at SCC for nursing mothers. The room is on the bottom floor of the gym. The room features a bright, spa-like environment...

Sex Offenders and Education

A GLANCE AT THE RULES Washington state law permits registered sex offenders (RSOs) to enroll in community colleges, as long as schools have strict policies regarding these students. But the topic...

Cyclists on the Road

June 8, 2018

LAWS, SAFETY, and MAINTENENCE As a cyclist or a driver, sharing the road is typically something both sides would prefer to avoid. To make this whole situation a little safer, here are some reminders...

Defining Hate

June 2, 2018

CAN FREE SPEECH BE TOO FREE? Last year, a white supremacist wearing a Hammerskins emblem appeared at SCC. It raised questions about the boundaries of free speech and brought up the argument of whether...

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